Rubbing Alcohol will get Ink out of Anything!

I am a little hesitant about this post because I know the look I will get from my husband when he reads about my part in this “incident,” but it is a good tip… so here we go!

My mother is the master stain remover, and I look to her to help me with any touch stain issues. Years ago, she taught me that rubbing alcohol will successfully take ball-point pen ink out of clothes. Dad is notorious for getting things on his silk shirts, and rubbing alcohol is even save enough to dab on silk and remove the ink.

I have tried this remedy on many items over the years with much success, yet when my daughter found a ball-point pen (that I left out) and wrote on the couch I was very worried… But straight to the medicine cabinet I went. With soaked cotton balls in hand, I gently rubbed the marks. Almost instantly, the marks faded away completely! I have very happy to report rubbing alcohol also take ball-point pen out of microsued couches!

If it were not for this post, my husband would be non-the-wiser – spots gone! But I thought I would share this gem with moms everywhere who find pen marks on their clothes, couch, etc! Happy stain removing!

(Note – I have found that this remedy ONLY works for ball-point pens. I have yet to find success removing ink pens marks!)

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