September is Gynecological Awareness Month

One of the keys to cancer prevention and detection is awareness, so when House Party announced the launch of its Healthy Laughs House Party I jumped at the opportunity to host.

First of all I love House Party , and if you are not familiar with it then check it out now. House Party teams with national companies to offer grassroots marketing campaigns. People from all over the U.S. apply to become hosts. Those selected are sent a party pack full of items for their guests from the company sponsoring the party. Past parties I have been involved in include the launch of NBC’s Lipstick Jungle, a Saturn party (I got to drive a brand new Saturn for a day) and the launch of TNT’s Leverage.  (Fingers crossed, I really want to host the upcoming Shutterfly party!)

Tonight is my party – it is a bit later than everyone hosted the party nationally, but I couldn’t do it that night, so tonight’s our night! Since some of my friends come over monthly for a craft night, I have tied the two parties together. In addition to making our craft (pumpkin hair bows), we will also learn about the prevention and detection of cervical cancer. After my party, I will take all of the leftover materials to my Mom’s club meeting to keep passing along the good info.

Since I think passing along this information is so important, I have attached a couple of the borcures I recieved to this post. I also plan to save one set of info (and goodies) for the winner of my Birthday Giveaway!

So, take a moment to review the attached information. Maybe someday it can help you or someone you love.

Get the Facts

Prevent Cervical Cancer 

Facts on Cervical Cancer 

Additional Resources 

Protect Yourself

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