Where is My Head Today?

Do ya ever have one of those days where you aren’t really sure how you managed to do the things you did because everything seemed to not go quite right? That has been me today!

Since today was my first Wednesday off in a LONG time… I decided to run some errands… As soon as I left the house, things seemed to fall apart.

First, I had to get some thank you notes in the mail. After I was already all the way down the street, I remembered I didn’t put them in the mailbox. Turn around, restart the trip.

Second, I get to the mall – no stroller in my trunk! Shoot I forgot I took it out yesterday so I could load my car up. Lovely, the mall with a toddler no stroller.

Third, get to destination number 3 in the mall andI don’t have the coupon to get a free product with purchase in my diaper bag. Great, K must have pulled that out when she was rummaging yesterday. No free lip gloss for me.

Fourth, while looking for coupon I realize I can’t find my wallet! Panic sets in, did I leave it in the last store, drop it, where is it! Sit on a bench in the mall, begging my daughter to sit still, dump everything out of my bag. Super, I stuck it in a side pocket I never use!

Fifth, trying to pick up just a couple of things, K keeps wandering away. Even worse, I spot her dropping her Cheerios and eating them off the floor. ICK! Dirty looks for other shoppers as I scoop her back up (I know what they are thinking, “Where is her stroller!”).

Sixth, stop by UPS drop box to mail huby’s package. Looks like it will fit fine, I slide it in and it turns – great, now it is stuck. I almost get my arm stuck trying to move it, no luck. I sure hope the UPS man can open the whole front of this thing because the door barely opens and the package won’t come up or go down…

Seventh, stop at bank to deposit checks. Unfortunately, I have a LOT of checks. (I recently organized a trip to see Sesame Street Live and put all the tickets on my credit card, so I have almost 12 checks from my friends repaying me.) I am down to just 5 checks and the woman in the car behind me at the drive-up ATM yells, “How many of those do you have?” I replied I had 5 left and she starts yelling at me! Cussing and yelling! Then she leaves… guess she didn’t really need to make her transaction.

Today is just not my day!

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