Do I really need a new stapler? Yes!

I blame it on something in the air…  I just LOVE back-to-school shopping. The excitement of new crayons and folders and the anticipation of a new year ahead. I really am a sucker for the back-to-school hype. Since K is too young for all of this, I go a little crazy buying supplies for our Mom’s club drive. I just love it.

On a little shopping venture on Sunday, we stopped by Pottery Barn Kids – just to look. Right as we walked in on the desk display was a pink and green gator stapler and elephant tape holder – SO CUTE! As a loyal Gator fan, how could I pass up this gator stapler? I know K is too young for such things, and I have my own, but I have had my stapler since I was a kid and my tape holder since I was in college. I had to have both!

Now the stupid thing is that these are not available on the PBK web site, in stores only. (I hate that!) But if you are near a PBK, I highly recommend picking up a set for your little one to grow into. They even had a blue and red set for boys.

So now even my staplers subtly says – GO GATORS – just in time for football season!

Pottery Barn Kids Gator Stapler & Elephant Tape

2 thoughts on “Do I really need a new stapler? Yes!”

  1. Very cute! There’s no close PBK, but maybe I’ll visit Daniel at work one day and visit the store near the office. Thanks for the post! Blue gator stapler for Jonas, and red elephant tape dispenser for my nephew, a Bama baby. 🙂

  2. I LOVE school supplies!! I bought another pencil sharpener and a bunch of pens, Mechanical pencils…and just wait until Target throws all the back-to-school supplies to 75%off!!


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