Wordless Wednesday ~ BEAR!

Just another Saturday in the neighborhood. Meet one of our neighbors. Wonder how close we are? Keep scrolling… Yep! That’s across the street in our neighbor’s yard, and my husband stood at the end of our driveway snapping pictures. Didn’t bother the bear, he laid down for a spell… UPDATE …

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Wordless Wednesday – Wedding

I love Instagram. Look at some of the wonderful images my husband captured at my sister’s wedding. This one isn’t Instagram, but I just love it so much!  

Wordless Wednesday ~ Hair

Wouldn’t baby girl look different without all those curls? My little Rapunzel did not want her hair cut. “I want long  hair, down to my feet,” she told me. But mom was tired of the tangles. I cut it myself, and cut 5 1/2 inches off in one chop!

Wordless Wednesday ~ Chick-fil-A Cows

Friday July 13 was Cow Appreciation Day. If you don’t know, that means those who dressed up like cows received a free meal at Chick-fil-A. Besides yummy free food, it was just plain fun!