My Tomato Plant Journey – Part 5

I swear, I am not trying to kill this plant, but I may be doing a good job at it… My poor little plant. I am notoriously forgetful, so I keep forgetting to water it, for like a week at a time. In my mind, all the rain should keep it happy, but we’ve had a dry week. My helpful husband bought these water globes on to help keep my plant hydrated, but it’s just not enough (oopse).

So this week, I am going to be an good plant mom and make sure I water it everyday to help it come back to life… I wonder if this little plant will ever see tomatoes?

2 thoughts on “My Tomato Plant Journey – Part 5”

  1. I am by no means and expert as I am just growing our tomatoes for the first time. Friends have told me that it is not good to water tomatoes very much. Just once every couple of days and once a day if it’s REALLY hot. They LOVE sun but not so keen on water. Maybe they are drowning . . .

    • LOL Now someone tells me! Actually at first I was WAY over watering and it was in the shade – double problem. Then I learned and moved them into the sun. Unfortunately, with our 90+ degree heat and little to no rain last week… me forgetting to water them in over a week… They are now withering due to a lack of water! (I have now added pics to the post so you can see my poor plants!) But basically, I can’t find the balance b/w too much and too little 🙂


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