Zootopia Statue

Disney’s Zootopia From Story To Animation

Before one animated character is drawn, it is all about the story. And when I met with the story team from Disney’s Zootopia I learned that the process to get the story exactly right is on going from initial ideas through the last deadline, changes big and small happen can happen everyday and …

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Agent Carter Season 2 Peggy Carter Jarvis

5 Things You Need To Know About Agent Carter Season 2

Agent Carter season 2 is back in a new city with new adventures, new characters and new costumes. But don’t worry, everything you love about Agent Carter remains from the quick wit to the lovable characters. I had the opportunity to visit the Agent Carter set and meet Hayley Atwell …

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JJ Abrams The Force Awakens Interview

J.J. Abrams On Adding His Mark On The Star Wars Legacy

Today is Star Wars day as the movie officially opens and people everywhere will flock to the theaters to see the movie this weekend. (I have my tickets!) For my final Star Wars interview post, it seem fitting to share what the movie’s director J.J. Abrams had to say about how …

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John Boyega

John Boyega: The Funniest Stormtrooper In The Galaxy

Who knew that Stormtroopers have a fantastic sense of humor? I would have never guessed it until I met John Boyega, but he is absolutely hilarious. And ok, so I don’t really know that Stormtroopers have a sense of humor, in fact I doubt that John Boyega’s character Finn has much …

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