Disney Pixar’s Monsters University Movie Trailer

Do you love the friendly monsters from Monsters Inc. as much as we do? Well, good news, Disney Pixar has released the first glimpses at Monsters University, the prequel to Monster’s Inc due out summer 2013. Enjoy! httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DD4PYgJ_L7U&feature=plcp

What Does That Mean? The “Brave” Dictionary

We used to slip a lot passed our daughter — talking about things that were over her head or speaking in code, but the day she turned four it was like she flipped a switch. Suddenly she wants to know everything we are talking about and what everything means (nosey much!). And it …

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Two Disney Pixar Blu-ray + DVD Combo Packs for $30 Shipped

Here’s another great value bundle deal from Walmart today. You can get two Disney * Pixar Blu-ray + DVD Combo Packs for only $30 with free shipping. Just head over here and you can choose any two of the following to make your bundle. Choose 2 From the Following titles: …

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