DIY Headband Holder Tutorial

DIY Upcycled Headband Hairbow Holder Tutorial (You Can Make This!)

When a friend posted photos of this project on Facebook, I knew I had to share her creation. Here is Mel & Mac’s DIY Upcycled Headband Hairbow Holder Tutorial. (Thanks girls!) My six year old has more headbands than she needs. After her recent birthday, her collection exploded. We needed functional …

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DIY Homemade Art Smock for Kids Craft

Simple, Homemade And Upcycled Smock Project

At the request of my daughter (and my delight), we do a lot of projects. A lot. Some simple and some quite messy. And when things are going to get messy, mom insists on a smock – of sorts. Ever the “green” mom instead of purchasing a smock for art projects, I rescued …

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Sponge Balls Summer Kids Craft

Sponge Balls ~ Summer Kids Craft

When playing a summer water party for the kids, one of the first activities that popped into my head was water balloons. But I dreaded having to clean up all those latex bits in my yard, not to mention filling dozens of water balloons before the party. Then I remembered something I had seen …

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Homemade Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Homemade Sidewalk Chalk Paint (Way Fun!)

Have you ever made sidewalk chalk paint? No? You should. It is the perfect summer craft for kids of all ages and the best part is that when the fun is done, the mess simply washes away. Sure you could buy sidewalk paint, but making it is half the fun. Plus it is …

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4th of July Popsicle Stick Flag

Popsicle Stick 4th of July Flag Craft For Kids

Since summer began, we’ve been eating a lot of Popsicles. Yum-Yum! In my ever-constant attempt to be less wasteful, I have saved every Popsicle stick. My friends laughed at my constant request of, “Don’t throw that stick away, I’ll take it.” But we finally had a chance to put those sticks to good …

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