Back to School Bus Crafts

12+ School Bus Craft Ideas

When my daughter started Kindergarten the most exciting thing about her new school was riding the school bus. For months before all she could talk about was riding the bus. Two years later, she still loves riding the school bus. It is such a part of her school experience, and …

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Chihuly Macchia Kids Craft

Chihuly Macchia (Glass Bowls) Kids Craft

Last week the girls and I made an easy craft that was both beautiful and educational. And like many of our favorite crafts, this Chihuly Macchia-inspired project didn’t take any fancy materials just ordinary household materials.

Thanksgiving Kids Craft Turkey Crown

Thanksgiving Kids Craft: Handprint Turkey Crown

A few years ago, K and I made a Thanksgiving Crown for her to wear during Thanksgiving dinner. She was three at the time and so proud of her crown. This year, I decided we would make a crown with her sister (now three), but this time we would make …

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Back to School Bus Upcycled Craft

Easy Back To School Bus Kids Craft

Before my kids go back to school in just a few short weeks, we’ve been making the most of the end of summer crafting and baking. Our newest project is a new take on a craft we have done before, this time we made a school bus out of tissue …

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4th of July Upcycled Flag Craft

Easy 4th of July Flag Kids Craft

The craft stores are lined with expensive craft supplies. My own shelves are lines with expensive craft supplies for that matter. But when it comes to kids crafts, the best ones are made with simple materials — like this one. In fact, this craft is made with “trash.” Upcycled Materials …

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4th of July Sun Catchers Kids Craft

4th of July Star Sun Catchers: Kids Craft

We enjoyed making heart sun catchers for Valentine’s Day so much, making a summer star sun catchers for 4th of July was a must. In addition to being pretty hanging in the window, I love that this craft is made with materials you can find around your house. Great for a last-minute project …

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