What to Pack for the Hospital for Delivery?

Alternate title for this post, “Do I have everything, Am I Ready?” 🙂 After a bit of a labor scare Friday night, well early Saturday morning. I went from bags half packed, to bags in the car ready to go in 30 minutes. I had a list of what I …

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Top 10 Unnecessary Baby Registry Items

Your baby will need tons and tons of stuff. I swear they are the smallest people, but they require the most stuff. It is almost comical, almost. When registering for your baby, it is tempting to register for everything under the sun. But I assure you, you do NOT need …

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Top 10 Baby Registry Items Under $35

Arriving at Babies R Us to register for my first, I was excited. Registering for my wedding had been so much fun, I imagined registering for my baby and all of the cute little things she would need would be just as fun. Ten minutes later I was sitting on …

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I Know Her Nose is Red – It is a Birthmark…

When my daughter was born, my brother-in-law was leery about coming into meet her. He saw the red marks all over her face, and he was worried for her. He was worried that she was “scarred” for life. From the first instant, he was worried about how people would react to her for the rest of her life.

Because I had already been assured by all of the doctors and nurses that the Angel Kiss Birthmarks that covered her eyes, forehead, nose, upper lip and chin would completely fade I wasn’t worried, but appreciated the sentiment. To me, she was perfect.

If I had known that the doctor didn’t mean quickly and completely, I might have been worried too. Today, she is 16-months-old, and when I see her, I don’t see the redness. It has faded considerably since birth, but everywhere I go, everyone else only sees her red nose.

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