Top 10 Unnecessary Baby Registry Items

Your baby will need tons and tons of stuff. I swear they are the smallest people, but they require the most stuff. It is almost comical, almost. When registering for your baby, it is tempting to register for everything under the sun. But I assure you, you do NOT need everything. Baby stores make registry lists to sell you stuff, you don’t need everything suggested – I promise.  And what’s more, you are much better off not registering for things you don’t need so that you actually get the things you do.

Here are the top 10 things you do NOT need to register for because you will never need them. Some I learned from experience, others I listened to advice and I never needed.

  1. Wipe Warmer – Here’s the thing about babies, when the are born they don’t know anything. They learn from you through conditioning. So, if you never use a wipe warmer, your baby won’t care one bit that the wipes are cold. Really. But if you start using a wipe warmer and suddenly you are out and about and need to wipe your baby’s tush without a warmed wipe… well, that’s when you will really pay for this senseless gadget. If you happen to get one as a gift, return it and use the money to buy wipes!
  2. Baby Shoes – Babies don’t walk, therefore, they do no need shoes. Yes, they are cute, but frankly you will spend 90% of your time picking the tiny shoes off the floor and putting them back on the tiny feet. Instead of shoes, opt for adorable socks that look like little shoes. (I love Trumpette socks.) They are just as cute, keep those little toes warm, more comfortable for you little one and they stay on much better (not perfect, but better).
  3. Baby Powder – I have no idea what this is used for any more. I got several bottles when my daughter was born, and they are all unused. Doctors recommend not using powder, so why do it?
  4. Microwave Bottle Sterilizer – I am a germaphobe.  I admit that I have a problem, but even I recognized the uselessness of this gadget. Bottles, pacifiers, plastic toys go in the dishwasher and come out clean – that’s all you need. I admit I did use the Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags for quick cleans, but I preferred the dishwasher. (Don’t have a dishwasher? Then I take it back, you might need one.)
  5. Baby Bathrobe – They are so cute, I fell prey to this registry item. But I never took the tags off, and I sold it at a garage sale for $0.25. You baby isn’t going to walk around the house in a robe after bath time. You will bathe, dry, dress and keep the baby warm… robe unnecessary.
  6. Car Sun Shade – I live in Florida, so this was on my must-have list with my first. I actually got two, one for each window. Then I went to the fire station to have my car seat checked, and the officer flat out told me that it was a danger to my baby. Since sun shades are held on to the window by suction cups, they are very likely to fall off (in fact, ours fell off all the time). In an accident, these shades become projectile missiles that can injur your baby. Guess where those shades went – trash can.
  7. Bottle Warmer – Some people swear by these, but you don’t need one. Like with wipe warmers, if you get your baby used to something from the get-go they will have to have it. For frozen breast milk – defrost under warm running water. Other than that, give your baby milk straight from the fridge, if you do this from the start they will be flexible and you will save time not having to warm bottles day and night.
  8. Rear Safety Mirror – This is the mirror that attaches to your rear view mirror so you can look back at a mirror above your child so you can watch over your baby. Love the idea, but it doesn’t work. I tried several of these and each of them failed. They flopped over and fell off. I spent more time fiddling with them than anything else. Stick with just the baby mirror and look in your own rear mirror to see your baby.
  9. Baby Perfume/Cologne – Did you know such a thing existed? I do NOT get it. You do not need it.
  10. Travel System – The ultimate waste. I know they are highly rated, and everyone has to have one (including me), but I HATED mine. It was big, bulky and annoyed me on SO many levels. Go for the lighter, more mobile and less expensive option of a car seat and a Snap and Go stroller. There are various brands that work with most infant car seats, I promise it is so much more convenient. Then when your baby is out of the carrier you can get a “real” stroller. (I recommend the City Mini!)

I promise, if you don’t get any of the things on this list you and your baby will survive and you won’t even miss them. Happy registering!

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11 thoughts on “Top 10 Unnecessary Baby Registry Items”

  1. This is a great post! I agree with all but one of them. For us, sun shades are a MUST. Both of my kids have light blue eyes and the sun bothers them so much. We bought the large shades because I have a big SUV and the suction cups stay on. I don’t worry for one minute about those lightweight shades causing more than a scratch on them if we were to get into an accident.

    I agree that you don’t NEED a travel system, but ours was actually pretty nice and not too bulky. The double stroller that we bought to replace the single when my son was born is a different story…that was a complete waste of money!

  2. We only used the wipe warmer with Lilly for about a week. It is still sitting in the box! Also, we had a travel system with was really bulky! Now I love my snap and go 🙂

  3. I agree w/ your list! There are so many unnecessary baby products out there so it’s always refreshing to hear about products to “skip.”

    I put a travel system stroller on my registry for baby #1 and didn’t like it at all – cumbersome, bulky, and an overall pain. I much preferred wearing my baby in a carrier for the first 6months-1year…then using an umbrella stroller after that. 🙂

  4. This is so helpful. I’m planning my registry since I am pregnant with my first child, and it is so good to have this info. It all makes good sense.

  5. Thank you so much for both this list and the 10 baby things you need to register for under $35. I am pregnant with my first child and am about to start the registry process. I really appreciate all of the “real world” advice!


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