Virtual Homeschool Classes

FREE Virtual Homeschool Classes For Kids Stuck At Home

As parents across the country the world scramble to figure out how we are going to manage social distancing at home, with our children, while many of us attempt to work remotely resources are springing up across the Internet. It’s actually one of the coolest things that has come out …

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Kitchen Pantry Makeover

Kitchen Pantry Makeover Reveal

For 15 years, our pantry has been a disgrace. DISGRACE. And honestly, for at least the first half of that, I didn’t really care. But as a sure sign of getting older, over time I found myself dreaming of a designer pantry. I am here today to share that my …

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10 Last Minute Advent Calendar Ideas

Advent calendars are a huge family tradition in our house, but this year I am behind on my shopping and just realized I haven’t gotten 2019 advent calendars. In my panicked search, I found a bunch of great options that you can have quickly. So don’t despair, there is still …

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Official Harry Potter Fan Club

Welcome To The Official Harry Potter Fan Club

It’s been 20 years since I first sat curled up in my flat in London and dove headfirst into the Wizarding World. It was love at first page and I’ve been a Potter fan ever since. These days, I enjoy sharing the magical world with my daughters who are just …

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Regal $1 Summer Movies 2019

Regal Summer Movie Express 2019 $1 Movie Schedule

The 2019 Regal Summer Movie $1 movie schedule has arrived! This is one of my family’s favorite things to do every summer. It’s a great way to get out of the heat for just $1, plus it’s a lot of fun to do with friends. This summer’s lineup includes tons …

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Free Summer Reading Programs

17 Free Summer Reading Programs 2019

Parents and teachers fear the dreaded summer slip. While summer should be a time for free play and lazy days, encouraging kids to pick up a book is proven to make a difference. These 2019 free summer reading programs are a great way to offer kids an incentive to keep …

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