Regal Summer Movie Express 2022 $2 Movie Schedule

The Regal Summer Movie Express 2022 is back, but this year there is a big change. Instead of $1 movies for kids, movies are now $2 each. I’m not surprised by the change, and we will still plan to go, but I want to make sure everyone knows before they go to the box office. The $1 movies are now $2 movies.

Get the 2023 Regal Summer Movie Express Schedule.

Regal Summer Movie Express 2022 $2 Family Movies

This summer’s lineup includes tons of great movies like several of the LEGO movies, the Sing movies and Space Jam moviesThe 2022 lineup includes some of our favorites and some we’ve never seen. There are 31 movies available to be played during Regal Summer Movie Express 2022, but each theater only plays two movies per week for 8-14 weeks (depending on location). This means the selection at your movie theater each week may vary from the schedule listed below. To find the full 2022 Regal Summer Movie Express schedule for your area CLICK HERE

All Regal Summer Movie Express movies are $2 movies. You can catch them on Tuesdays and Wednesdays each week during the summer during the first movie shown at the theater for the day. Theater start times vary by location anywhere from 10 am to 1 pm depending on the theater you visit. At most movie theaters there are two movies shown each week and both movies are played on both days. So you can go on Tuesday or Wednesday or both to see your pick of movies.

NEW! Regal now offers presale tickets for Summer Movie Express! Check in advance with your local theater to make sure the movie you want to see doesn’t sell out. 

If you have little ones, this is the perfect opportunity to take them to the theater for the first time. My oldest enjoyed her first movie theater movies during this program because, for $1 or even for $2, it’s no big deal if you have to leave.

Regal Summer Movie Express 2022 $2 Movie Schedule

When do the Regal Summer Movie Express movies start? Unfortunately, there isn’t a uniform start date. Theater start dates vary based on location. (Some start May 31 others start as late as June 29, my guess is that start dates are related to when kids get out of school in your area.)

Find your closest participating movie theater, to find out when the $2 movies start in your town and learn more about the Regal Summer Movie Express program.

The Regal Summer Movie Express also varies in length from 8 to 14 weeks long depending on your area. Therefore, the weekly lineup varies based on location. The lineup below is what I found for my area, but you need to check your local theater to see what’s playing and when in your area. 

Here is the 2022 Regal Summer Movie Express $2 movie schedule available for my area:

  • Week 1 – Penguins of Madagascar AND The LEGO Movie
  • Week 2 – The Lorax AND The LEGO Movie: The Second Part
  • Week 3 – Abominable AND The LEGO Batman Movie
  • Week 4 – Despicable Me AND Pokemon Detective Pickachu
  • Week 5 – Despicable Me 2 AND Space Jam
  • Week 6 – Sing AND Puss In Boots
  • Week 7 – Sing 2 AND Space Jam: A New Legacy
  • Week 8 – Despicable Me 2 AND Tom & Jerry

My kids are going to be so excited when I tell them the Regal Summer Movie Express is back for 2022. It’s a fun way to beat the summer heat with friends.

Not only is the Regal Summer Express fun (and cheap) summer entertainment, a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, which strives to enable youth to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens through voluntary after-school programs.

Which dollar movie are you looking forward to taking your kids to see this summer?

Regal Summer Movie Express 2022

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