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Sing 2 is a toe-tapping, embarrass-your-kids-when-you-sing-out-loud, fun night at the movies with the family. Arriving on December 22, Sing 2 theaters are sure to be filled with families this holiday season. My family had a chance to catch a sneak preview of the sequel and everyone walked away humming a new/old tune.

Sing 2 Movie Poster

Thank you to Sing for the movie screening. 

Can Illumination do it again with Sing 2?

Honestly, I had my doubts. The original Sing was so surprisingly good, I had my doubts that a sequel could come anywhere close to the original. But, Illumination proved me wrong. Using the same formula that was so successful the first time – plucky characters, a fantastic musical score, a humongous cast (hello Bono!) and a warm story – Sing 2 is a worthy sequel.

Sing 2 Movie Cast

Is the movie a bit predictable, sure. It’s a family movie with a happy ending, So, it is no spoiler that everything works out in the end. While it’s not the most original plot, it’s an enjoyable plot with great characters. And if you are taking the kids to the movies, isn’t that what we all want anyway?

And humor, Sing 2 has plenty of it both for adults and for kids. But don’t worry, there’s nothing too adult in this family movie. Even still, I definitely found myself laughing out loud a couple of times and my kids were a fit of giggles.

Sing 2 Soundtrack

Like the original, Sing 2 owes much of its magic to its soundtrack. When you add cute furry characters to some of the best music ever – well, that’s Sing 2. The soundtrack drops on December 17, and I assure you that much like the original has been on repeat for the last FIVE years, this one will be a regular request from my kids.

Here’s what you have to look forward to musically from Sing 2.

  1. Your Song Saved My Life (From Sing 2) – U2
  2. Let’s Go Crazy – Tori Kelly, Taron Egerton, Reese Witherspoon & Nick Kroll
  3. Can’t Feel My Face – Kiana Ledé
  4. Heads Will Roll – Scarlett Johansson
  5. Sing 2 Audition Medley – Sing 2 Cast
  6. Where The Streets Have No Name – Tori Kelly, Taron Egerton, Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon & Nick Kroll
  7. There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back- Taron Egerton & Tori Kelly
  8. Suéltate (From Sing 2) – Sam I, Anitta, Bia & Jarina De Marco
  9. Stuck In A Moment You Can’t Get Out Of – Scarlett Johansson
  10. Soy Yo (Sing 2 Mix) – Bomba Estéro
  11. A Sky Full Of Stars – Taron Egerton
  12. Could Have Been Me – Halsey
  13. I Say A Little Prayer – Tori Kelly & Pharrell Williams
  14. Break Free – Reese Witherspoon & Nick Kroll
  15. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For – Scarlett Johansson & Bono
  16. Tippy Toes (Bonus Track)- Adam Buxton, Fancy Feelings & Dscostu
  17. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) – Keke Palmer, Scarlett Johansson, Taron Egerton, Reese Witherspoon & Tori Kelly

Sing 2 Toys

It wouldn’t be a kids’ movie without some adorable Sing 2 toys available from Amazon. I was sent these three adorable plush characters (Ash, Buster Moon and Meena) and a singing toy microphone. My girls loved taking their new “friends” with them to see the movie (although mom made the singing microphone stay home).

Sing Activity Pages

Keep the fun going at home before or after the movie with these Sing 2 coloring pages and activity pages.

Download HERE.


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