Huggies And Walgreens Donate $10,000 To Central Florida Diaper Bank

Across the country, 1 in 3 families struggle with diaper need. Through the No Baby Unhugged program Huggies is committed to helping relieve that need through its efforts to support the National Diaper Bank. At a ceremony held at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Huggies and Walgreens presented the local Central Florida Diaper Bank a check for $10,000 to help keep Florida babies dry and happy.

Huggies Walgreens Diaper Bank Donation

The donation capped off Huggies and Walgreens’ campaign, which ran from July 28-September 28 and donated a day’s worth of diapers to the National Diaper Bank Network for each package of Huggies purchased at Walgreens. That campaign resulted in two million diapers, 250,000 wipes and $10,000 donated to the National Diaper Bank.

The average baby needs 6-8 diapers each day, unfortunately one in three families finds themselves struggling to provide that for their child. What’s more, three out of five of those families are more likely to miss work or school because parents can’t put their babies in daycare without providing an adequate amount of diapers.

That’s where the National Diaper Bank, with local chapters across the country, come in to support those families. Thanks to the assistance of corporations like Huggies and Walgreens, the diaper banks are able to provide families with the diapers their baby needs.

Still statistics show that as many as 65% of families in need don’t know that diaper banks like the Central Florida Diaper Bank exist.

Huggies Disney

Since the inception of Huggies’ No Baby Unhugged program in 2011, Huggies has donated more than 220 million diapers and baby wipes. Learn more about Huggies’ No Baby Unhugged program and where to find a diaper bank in your area HERE.

Want to help support the No Baby Unhugged program? Moms of little ones in diapers can donate their Huggies rewards points to help provide even more diapers to babies in need.

Thanks Huggies and Walgreens for helping to support Central Florida families by keeping babies clean, dry and happy.

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