5 Tips To Make Gift Giving Easier This Holiday Season

This post is sponsored by Gillette, available at Walmart. All tips to make gift giving easier are my own. 

I love to give gifts. I especially love gifts that are both practical and a treat. But out of everyone on my list, my husband is notoriously hard to shop for. I have managed to give him some great gifts over the years, but I have also given him some real duds – including not giving him anything because I was too pregnant to be bothered last year. This year I am following my own advice to make gift giving easier, and I am happy to say that I already have some great gifts tucked away.

Christmas Tree Bokeh

Make Gift Giving Easier 

Start Early

If you have ever been to the mall the week of Christmas you know that it is a madhouse. Everyone is stressed trying to get the best gifts at the 11th hour. It feels like such a chore, not to mention there is no time for price comparisons. Save yourself the headache and shop early. 

I shop year-round for Christmas. While it is too late for that advice at the end of November, it is something to think about starting December 26. In the meantime, get started this weekend. See what’s out there and get shopping. 

Shop In Your PJs

With three kids, a business to run and a to-do list a mile long, online shopping saves me. Yes, I still like going to the store to look at things in person, but if I can have it delivered to the house from the comfort of my couch that’s a win. Even better, spend $35 or more at Walmart.com and it ships free. Yes, please. 

Bonus, when shopping online I can shop for my husband and my kids with them in the room without prying eyes trying to see what I just hid under the snacks. 

Gillette Walmart

Practical Yet Indulgent 

Gift giving should be about fulfilling something that someone wants that they might not get on their own. That’s why I like practical gifts with an indulgent feel. Does my husband need a new razor? Yes. Would he buy himself a gift pack to try new products? Nope, but he would be very excited to open one on Christmas morning. 

The Gillette Justice League gift pack from Walmart is the perfect combination of practical yet indulgent. We are huge superhero fans in our family and I already know he loves Gillette razors. But I am not sure he has ever tried the Gillette Hydrator Body Wash. Since the gift packs are also a great value, starting at only $9.88, he gets to try something new that he wouldn’t on his own.

Gillette Justice League

As an added bonus, you can purchase this gift online at Walmart.com. Yep, order one right now and check one more thing off that to-do list. 

Make A List And Check It Twice

Whenever someone mentions something the might like to have, I make a note. That way when I need a gift I have an ever-growing list of things I know they will like. I use Google Docs to keep me organized with a list of ideas, things I have purchased, my budget and how much I have spent. 

Writing it down and keeping all of the information in one place and available on my phone helps me stay on task and make sure everyone on my list gets something special. 

Wrap Along The Way

Staying up late to wrap all of the gifts in one sitting is such a drag. Break it up by wrapping each gift as it is purchased. Not only will you feel free on Christmas Eve, but gifts will be hidden in wrapping paper away from accidental view and your tree will look extra festive. Last year was the first year I did this, and it was the best Christmas Eve ever. 

Just be sure to make notes about what you have wrapped so you know what you have.

Gillette Gift Set

Gillette Justice League Gift Packs

The new Justice League movie is now in theaters, and you can give the gift of an epic shave this holiday season with superhero-worthy gift packs. 

I picked the Batman gift pack for my husband, but depending on your gift-giving needs you will find one with each of the heroes. There is even a shaving kit for women featuring Olay and Wonder Woman. 

What are you waiting for? Get started on your shopping and pick up a Justice League gift pack at Walmart for someone on your list today.

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