Mount Your TV And Hide The Cables With Legrand In Wall Kit

When we bought a flat panel TV for our bedroom, more than five years ago, my husband had grand plans of mounting it on the wall. While mounting it on the wall didn’t seem difficult, the issue of dealing with the cables in the wall and moving the power outlet behind the TV was too much for him to tackle. And well, I said no to dangling ugly cables and he never got around to doing anything about it. So the TV remained on the dresser. Until the Legrand In-Wall Kit.

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Before Mounting TV with Legrand

Of course, my husband isn’t the only one with this issue and Legrand has come up with a solution for just this situation with an In-Wall Kit available at Best Buy. The kit includes everything needed to fix the power outlet issue and conceal the AV cables inside our wall quickly and safely.

  • Power grommets
  • 54″ power harness
  • 6′ power cord
  • fish tape
  • Hole saw
  • Hole saw handle

Instead of needing to move or add a power outlet, the kit extends a power cable into the wall. All you have to do is plug into an existing outlet – no electrician needed. The kit even includes a hole saw which can be used manually or attached to your electric drill to cut perfectly circular holes to keep everything looking clean and professional. 

Legrand In Wall Kit

Since our TV was not yet mounted, the first thing to do was to mount the TV. If your TV is already mounted, but the cables are exposed then the kit is perfect for your situation too.

After hanging the TV mount, installing the Legrand In-Wall Cord & Cable Power Kit was easy. My husband used a stud finder to mark the locations of the wall studs and then  used the included hole saw to make two holes, one next to the TV wall mount and one below at the same level has the power outlets.

Installing Legrand TV Mount

In order to feed the TV cables from one hole to the other my husband used the included fish tape. Starting in the bottom hole, he fed it up to the top hole where he could attach the power harness and pull it inside the wall and out the bottom hole. He repeated the process several times to pull the HDMI and digital audio cables through the holes. Once all of the cables were in the wall, he attached the power grommets and screwed them into the wall. Then it was simply a matter of plugging the power into a nearby wall outlet. The whole process was completed in about 30 minutes, including mourning the TV.

Legrand In Wall Kit Mounted

Want to see the installation in detail? Watch this installation video

After the installation was complete, my husband told me that if he knew this product existed five years ago he wouldn’t have waited so long to do it. He thought the kit was ingenious and it made his long put-off project simple. With everything he needed for a professional looking mount included in the kit, he definitely recommends the product to anyone wanting to mount a TV. The Legrand In-Wall Cord & Cable Power Kit is the perfect kit for any DIY type, even if you’ve never done a project like this before.

Of course, mounting the TV suddenly became an excuse to buy a new sound bar he has been eying, but that’s another story…  

After Mounting TV with Legrand


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