Host A WaterVentures Mobile Field Trip At Your School

Sometimes getting kids out of the classroom is the best way to help them learn. It’s a change of pace, a chance to learn differently and it’s exciting. Kids love field trips! What could be more convenient than a mobile field trip that comes to your school? With WaterVentures Florida students and teachers get the benefits of a hands-on field trip without ever leaving school. 

WaterVentures mobile learning lab, in partnership with Zephyrhills® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water, has been on the road bringing interactive learning to more than 1,000,000 Floridians since 2013. That’s a lot of kids, and adults, who have learned about Florida’s water system, the role it plays in our lives and the importance of making environmentally conscious decisions to protect our waters.

WaterVentures 1 Million

And the best part is that the learning takes place in a fun, interactive environment.

WaterVentures is housed inside a redesigned 53-foot semi-trailer with museum-quality experiential learning activities and exhibits. The interactive science lab offers a hands-on look at Florida’s diverse watersheds, water conservation, recycling efforts and how water moves through our lives. Providing students with a unique way to learn and explore.

WaterVentures Florida Learning Lab

About Zephyrhills®

Zephyrhills® has called Florida home for 50-plus years and today sources its water from five springs across the state, with more than 95% being distributed in Florida. Zephyrhills® is committed to managing its local Florida springs for sustainability today and for years to come, which is why it has partnered with WaterVentures since its inception in 2013.

Together Zephyrhills® and WaterVentures are committed to fostering the next generation of water stewards and inspiring appreciation, understanding and respect for Florida’s water resources.

WaterVentures Sign

Invite WaterVentures To Your School 

Thanks to funding from Zephyrhills® Brand, WaterVentures has criss-crossed the state visiting 449 Florida schools, 80 community events and 120 summer programs. And the program isn’t slowing down. 

Recently WaterVentures set up at the Florida State Fair. Although I was unable to attend because I have a newborn, my friend Christie from RaisingWhasians toured the mobile science lab with her son and gave me the 411. They were so impressed with the hands-on activities, I wish my daughter could have experienced them. So I plan to talk to my daughter’s school about the possibility of having WaterVentures visit her school.

WaterVentures Lab

Wouldn’t the kids love to take a break from the classroom and step into a mobile field trip in the parking lot?! I know mine would.

To learn more about bringing the WaterVentures mobile science lab to your school or community event, visit the WaterVentures website. You can also visit the online calendar to see when the lab has plans to be in your area. You will also keep up with WaterVentures on Facebook and Instagram.

Inside WaterVentures Lab

This is a sponsored conversation written by me and sponsored by Zephyrhills® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water.

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