Kidbox – Name Brand Kids Clothes Delivered For Less

I am raising a serious fashionista. Not only does my eight year old love clothes, but when it comes to fashion she has an opinion about everything. Fit, comfort and style are all very important to her and she is always excited to try on new threads. As much as she loves fashion she was thrilled that I partnered with Kidbox, a new clothing service for kids. This photo-heavy Kidbox review is brought to you by my mini model who wanted to show off everything. 

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7 For All Mankind Girls Dress

What is Kidbox?

Kidbox is a new way for parents to buy brand-name kids clothes by mail for less, and my little fashionista loves it. When you order a Kidbox, you get to fill out a profile with details about your child (sporty, preppy, modern and fab, etc.) then Kidbox sends you a box filled with 6-7 seasonal clothing items for your child. 

7 For All Mankind Dress

As a mom I appreciate that the 6-7 items are also meant to form seasonal outfits. Instead of receiving a bunch of random items, the items can be mixed and matched to form outfits — filling a wardrobe with staples and fun pieces that work together. (Everything pictured, except shoes came from KidBox.)

Sweater Shirt

Kidbox Review

When your box arrives you and your child can decide what works and what doesn’t. If you keep it all, the box price is $98 — for everything (approximately 30% off retail). If you decide to return a few items you can still keep the rest at Kidbox prices, which are 10-15% off retail. 

  • 7 For All Mankind White Jeans – retail $59, Kidbox price $39
  • Limited Too Black Tank Top – retail $20, Kidbox price $10
  • U.S. Polo Association Denim Lace Dress – retail $42, Kidbox price $21
  • 7 for All Mankind Pink Tank – retail $30, Kidbox price $18
  • Limited Too 3 Piece Capri Leggings – retail $23, Kidbox price $12
  • Kensie Denim Shortall – retail $46, Kidbox price $23
  • 7 For All Mankind Dress – retail $55, Kidbox price $33
  • Kensie Sweater Shirt – retail $34, Kidbox price $17

Girls Sweater Shirt

Total box retail = $309

Kidbox individual prices = $173

Kidbox price = $98

Kidbox a great value for $98! 

My favorite feature – if you love it but the size is off, you can exchange sizes for free! 

Pineapple Overalls

Kidbox knows that sizes aren’t always perfect, so if you find something doesn’t fit you can exchange it for the right size. Another note about sizes, my daughter is an 8 in tops and dresses, but a 7 in pants. Kidbox allows you to customize different sizes for pants and tops to suit your child. So these 7 For All Mankind jeans and the Kensie shortalls are size 7 while everything else is an 8, so I didn’t even need to exchange sizes. 

7 For All Mankind Jeans and Tank

Kidbox Teaches Kids To Give Back

In addition to being a clothing service company, Kidbox also has a two charitable components. The first is encouraging families to give. Kidbox hopes that with the value of the full box being so great that when families decide just one or two items don’t work they will donate those extra items to children in need — instead of returning them. 

Denim and Lace Dress

In addition to sharing what you don’t need, Kidbox donates a clothing item for every box sold. The coolest part is that you and your child get to decide where that donated item goes. When you decide to keep your entire box, you and your child can choose between sending that clothing item to children in military families, children facing poverty to children living in foster care. It’s a great way to start a conversation with your children about giving back.

Kidbox Donation

Not only is Kidbox is full of name-brand kids clothes, it also includes special treats for kids. Although the special items might varry right now Kidbox includes a pencil pouch, stickers, crayons and a surprise ball. And each Kidbox is printed in black and white — perfect for coloring and creating.


Kidbox Coupon Code

Ready to try Kidbox for your fashionista? Now is the time, through April 29 save $20% off your first full Kidbox with the coupon code SOCIAL20. That means you get 6-7 name-brand items for just $78. A great deal that will make your child feel like a star. Try Kidbox today!

Girls Lace Dress

4 thoughts on “Kidbox – Name Brand Kids Clothes Delivered For Less”

  1. This company is a complete scam. My daughter received 6 items in her box, 3 of the items were not her style so we returned them. Its important to understand that if you don’t keep the entire box they charge you their retail price for each item. I was charged $101 for keeping 3 items instead of the $98 if I would have kept the entire box. The selection of the clothes provided is similar to what you would find on the clearance rack at a department store or at a factory outlet store. They items returns were a romper with a weird leg to torso ratio, a sweater with extremely skinny arms, and leggings with a weird pattern.

  2. So we got elizabeths kid box today….
    Suppose to be” brand name brand new clothes” went to put the shirt on her right from the box and noticed this bright green sticker! They are trying to say the retail vaule is 217.99 for 7 clothes and they are only charging us $88 for the box (and if we kept just the shirt it would be 40 but the green sticker says 3.99!) which is great…if they were new clothes NOT USED! I will add that we have not shopped at a ross, goodwill or thrift store in at least a year. So it did not come from our house.

  3. I love kidbox! The clothes that I have gotten have always been super cute. I’ve been a member for awhile and whenever I have a problem their customer service responds to my e-mails right away, sometimes I’ll get a response in a few minutes and I think they must have 100 customer service people working there!

    You can’t beat the prices and I love that my kids get to learn about giving back. A++ all around.


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