The Barbie Dream House Is A Dream Come True

When I was asked to review a few Barbie items I said sure. My daughters are always game for checking out hot new toys. I figured they would send a couple of dolls, and my girls would be thrilled. Imagine my surprised when a Barbie Dream House, four Barbie Fashionista Dolls, a Barbie Rainbow Hair Doll and Barbie Dress & Store Doll And Accessory Organizer arrived at my door. Now imagine my daughter’s surprise! 

It was like Christmas, the weekend before Thanksgiving. 

Barbie Dream House Gift
While the girls were over the moon excited, I admit that I was completely intimidated. What kind of undertaking would assembling this monster become? I have good news parents. While it looks like a million pieces of plastic, and I feared the worst, my husband and I assembled the Barbie Dream House with little trouble in just under an hour. 

Really, the hardest part about assembly was keeping the kids away. Sissy couldn’t contain her excitement or stay away. My recommendation — put this thing together before you give it to the kids! But I promise, you can do it. 

Less than an hour of assembly, hours and hours and hours of entertainment. Totally worth it.

Barbie Dream House
If you want to blow your daughter’s mind, this is the gift. 

Standing 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide, it is a big house. Which means there are so many ways to play. And room for two sisters to play side by side. I loved listening to the stories the girls made up as they played with their new house and dolls. 

There are so many cool features of the Barbie Dream House. The girls were delighted with the interactive accessories. The cabinet piece requires three AAA batteries (not included), and it powers four tabletop functions.

  • A Bathroom sink that lights up, bubbles and sounds like someone brushing their teeth
  • A fan that spins and makes white noise
  • A grill top that lights and sounds like sizzling meats
  • An aquarium that spins, lights up and makes a bubbling sound

The unit also makes a flushing sound when attached to the toilet. 

Barbie Fashionista
After ohhing and ahhing over the collection of Barbie dolls, my girls quickly laid claim to “their” Barbie Fashionista Dolls in cute and stylish outfits. Amazingly, each picked different dolls as their favorites (whew!). Soon the girls and the dolls were playing side by side. 

Having used chalk to color my daughters’ hair, they were excited to color Barbie Rainbow Hair Doll’s hair. And quickly her blonde locks were turned into a bright rainbow of color and styled in a clip. The box says we can wash out the color to color it again and again, but we haven’t tried that yet. Regardless of ever washing it out, my girls love adding the rainbow.

Barbie Rainbow Hair Doll
Although not nearly as exciting as the Barbie Dream House (because really could anything be?!), if you are looking for some storage and organization the Barbie Dress & Store Doll And Accessory Organizer is a cute way to help corral all of those little pieces. 

Barbie Dress & Store Doll And Accessory Organizer
With a three-story house, it is imperative to have a working elevator, and the Barbie friends have taken many, many rides in the elevator already. Up and down, up and down. The elevator is awesome, and it works perfect. 

Barbie Dream House Elevator
While the Barbie Dream House doesn’t come with a car for the garage, my girls were thrilled to find out our hand-me-down Barbie golf cart fits perfect. And did you know that when there is no car in the garage, the garage is the perfect place for all of the dolls to have a slumber party! Or so my daughters tell me. 

Barbie Dream House Garage
Barbie has gone high tech in the Barbie Dream House. You can insert a phone into Barbie’s TV so she and her friends can really watch TV. My girls were amazed! But don’t worry, if you don’t tell your kids a phone fits in the TV, they will never know. It still looks cute even without a device. Still, so cool. 

Barbie Dream House TV
Another thing mom appreciates about the Barbie Dream House is that the teenie tiny accessories snap into place. So when the kids set the table or the bathroom counter, pieces don’t fly everywhere when Barbie bumps them. (Except for the utensils and tiny toothbrushes.) I am sure pieces will still go missing, but locking in place will definitely help prevent them from just being on the floor all of the time.

Barbie Dream House Accessories
The Barbie Dream House is really a dream, and my girls are loving every moment of it. 

Barbie Dream house is available at Toys “R” Us, and according to my girls is an awesome gift for the holidays!

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