A Power-Packed Breakfast With Chobani Kids Greek Yogurt

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Thanks to my husband, my youngest loves Greek yogurt. Loves it. And it is all because her daddy eats Greek yogurt and a banana for breakfast everyday. From the time she could eat yogurt he has shared a bite of his Greet yogurt and banana every morning. Now she wants her own Greek yogurt so I was thrilled to discover Chobani Kids and Chobani Tots.

Real Greek yogurt in kid-sized portions with Doc McStuffins on the package no less. (No, I don’t buy them just because Doc is on them, but it sure is a nice bonus because Sissy gets very excited over Doc!) 

Chobani Kids Greek Yogurt
In case you are wondering, my oldest loves regular yogurt. I attribute this to my husband eating regular yogurt when she was young, before Greek yogurt became his thing. (See those little sponges really do learn by example.)

What I love about Chobani Kids is that they are made with natural ingredients. The same great ingredients in dad’s Chobani. Along side live and active cultures with probiotics are real fruits and vegetables – in flavors kids love. Oh and chocolate, can’t forget the chocolate Chobani kids – a big hit in this house. 

Chobani Kids Doc McStuffins
Unlike some other yogurts for kids Chobani Kids have no preservatives, added colors, high fructose corn syrup, modified corn starch or other artificial ingredients. (Proof that good flavor doesn’t need all of that extra junk!) Chobani Kids also contain less than 5% lactose and are gluten-free.

As an added bonus because Chobani Kids is made with Greek yogurt it has twice the protein and 25% less sugar than the leading kids’ yogurt. That means Sissy gets the protein she needs for a busy day at preschool, alongside her banana, of course. (BTW – she only eats half of a banana for breakfast.)

Chobani Kids Pouch
Find Chobani Kids pouches in Strawberry, Banana, Chocolate Dust, Watermelon and Grape. And Chobani Kids squeezable tubes are available in Banana & Pumpkin and Mango & Spinach. In addition to Doc McStuffins, look for Chobani kids packages with Spiderman too.

Save on Chobani Kids with a $.75 off coupon from Chobani Kids Savings.

Which Chobani flavor would your kids love the most?

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  1. I didn’t know that they made these. They sound delicious! I wouldn’t mind having them as well as keeping them on hand for my grandson. Thanks for the tasty information. 🙂


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