Disney Playmation: The Hottest Tech For Kids

If you want to scoop on the hottest tech that your kids are going to want for Christmas, this is it. Disney Playmation is totally unlike anything you’ve ever seen, and Christmas morning you and the kids are going to have a blast playing with it. Because it is as much fun for mom and dad to play and watch as it is for kids.

That’s what is different about Playmation. It has a gaming aspect to it, but unlike any video game you’ve ever seen this game is completely interactive. It gets kids moving — running, jumping, playing like you have never seen. I mean who wouldn’t want to take orders from a team of Avengers on a mission?

I didn’t know what to think of Playmation when I first arrived to learn about it. Even as they described it to me, I still didn’t get it. But then I witnessed a demo, and I got it. It is the most interactive tech your kids have ever had their hands on. And I promise, you can’t help but to giggle watching your kids play. Because you never know when they are going to need to hide behind the beanbag you are sitting on! LOL!

Playmation Avengers Demo
(Thanks for the picture TerriAnn!) 

Let me break it down.

With the starter set you get two bases (Power Activators), Repulsor Gear or Gamma Gear (depending if you are Iron Man or the Hulk) and two figurines. To play, the bases sync with the gear, which allows you to start one of the 25 on-board missions. Then all your kids have to do is listen for commands. 

Disney Playmation Starter Kit
As kids move through the mission vocal commands are given to run, jump, hide, get out of the way, etc., and kids have to actually do all of these things to move through the game. The gear they wear tells the bases if they are successful. Along the way they also have to fight, shooting (Iron Man) the bad guys with their gear. As they are successful, the interactive gear lights, sounds and vibrates. 

And let me tell you, wearing the gear is cool.

Trying On Playmation Gear
Like a video game, as kids progress through the game they can earn special tools for example Iron Man can earn a shield that is activated with the move I am demonstrating in the picture above (see how it is lit up?). 

Of course, the tech comes with an app (doesn’t everything these days) that allows kids to delve deeper into the world of the Avengers. It also lets them track their progress and their earned tools. But it isn’t really part of the game.

Still looking for something to get your kids OUTSIDE to play? This is it. What unique about this tech is that it doesn’t use WiFi so you can take it anywhere — even outside to play. (Of course, don’t leave it outside in the rain.) 

See Playmation Avengers in action.

Playmation missions can be played with up to two players, and during free play up to four players can network together to play. More missions are added with the purchase of additional smart figures. 

The first generation of Playmation is Marvel, but coming in 2016 kids will be able to explore the world of Star Wars and then in 2017 Playmation will become Frozen. 

I am not much of a gamer. I get lost in the whole thing, but this — it is different. It is cool, and it will get the whole family playing along together. 

Disney Playmation Demo
The starter kit retails for $119. Playmation is now available for preorder. (Plus Amazon is running a special for 50% off any smart figure with the purchase of a starter kit.) Disney Playmation will be on store shelves in October. 

Want to see Playmation in person? Disney Stores are now hosting in-store demos across the country, stop by and see how cool this new toy is for yourself. 

Disney Playmation Preorder

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