10 Toilet Paper Facts For National Toilet Paper Day

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Did you know August 26 is National Toilet Paper Day? I didn’t, and I bet you didn’t either. But considering how much toilet paper is used in a day, this is one national holiday I think we can all “get behind.” To celebrate the very important commodity, I am going to tell you about a different kind of toilet paper roll and share 10 interesting facts about toilet paper. Consider this your TP education.

Scott Tube Free Toilet Paper

10 Facts About Toilet Paper

  • Joseph Gayetty is credited for bringing toilet paper to America in 1857
  • The first toilet paper was sold in packages of flat sheets
  • Rolled toilet paper (and toilet paper rolls) hit the U.S. market in 1883
  • More than 17 billion toilet paper tubes are used each year in the U.S.
  • That’s enough to fill the Empire State Building, twice
  • The average roll has 333 sheets
  • Americans use an average of 8.6 sheets of toilet paper per trip to the bathroom
  • That adds up to approximately 57 sheets of toilet paper a day per person
  • In an average household, the average roll of toilet paper lasts approximately five days.
  • 60-70% of Americans prefer “over” vs “under”

Next time you play trivia you will be well versed in toilet paper facts to impress your friends.

Scott Tube-Free Toilet Paper

When I taught my daughter’s Girl Scout Troop about using resources wisely last year, I emphasized the importance of taking small steps toward doing more for our planet. After all, I was working with a group of first graders, I wanted to make sure they understood that even the small things they could do were important. And really it is true for anyone, small changes add up to make a big difference. 

Scott Brand wants to help you make a small change — eliminate the tube.

Toilet Paper Tubes
What? The tube, how does that work?

Those were my first thoughts when I discovered Scott Tube-Free toilet paper. But it works just like your normal roll, no change except when you get to the end there is no tube to discard.

After I posted about Scott Tube-Free toilet paper earlier this month I had lots of questions about the convenience. Does the end of the roll fall on the floor? Does it get jammed up? And I am happy to report that we have had smooth success with switching to tube-free toilet paper. It was an easy change and with just one package, we eliminated the production and disposal needs of 12 tubes. Not bad for a small change.

Celebrate National Toilet Paper Day by making a small change in your TP habits and eliminate the tube.

Scott Tube-Free can be found at Walmart nationwide, check the Local Retailer Locator for to find Scott Tube-Free toilet paper. And download a Scott Coupon to save $1 off your purchase. 

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