Stop Flashing The Tourists With Jockey Skimmies

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I am a dress girl. I would be happy wearing a simple cotton dress everyday. Dresses are comfy, cool and without a doubt my go-to style. My daughters feel the same, and I have one rule for my daughters when wearing dresses — they must wear bike shorts under every dress or skirt. But because I am not running, jumping and playing I don’t have that rule for myself. 

The problem is, however, that while I may not lift my dress in public. I have lost count at the number of times one of my daughters has flashed or nearly flashed passerbyers pulling and tugging on my dress. I am sure more than a few tourists have seen my underwear because someone decided to play peek-a-boo in my dress waiting in line at Disney. 

Disney tourists can now rest easy, no more mom flashing from me, I have Jockey Skimmies® Slipshort.

Dress Style Jockey Skimmies
Jockey Skimmies eliminate the worry of a skirt catastrophe by providing full coverage – hiding both your bum and your panty lines. Now when my girls tug on my dress people will see what looks like a pair of bike shorts under my dresses — just like my daughters. But unlike the cotton shorts my girls wear, Jockey Skimmies are thin and breathable. 

Jockey Skimmies Slipshort Original
Jockey Skimmies are not meant to be shapewear, they don’t have that tight squeeze. They are truly meant to be worn as a slipshort for modesty. And did I mention, they are super comfy. 

Jockey Skimmies® retail for $20-$22, and there are three styles available:

  • Original Microfiber Skimmies: Smooths like a slip, covers like shorts. Offers a smooth, polished look under fitted-to-flowing skirts and dresses. Our original design, available in short and regular lengths. Silky-smooth microfiber stretch fabric for smoothing coverage without restriction.
  • Anti-static Skimmies: Resists static and allows clothes to glide. Wear under pants or other cotton fashions and say good-bye to cling. Wide, flat leg hem for a stay-put fit. Targeted stretch zones flatter your natural curves.
  • Wicking Skimmies: Breathable mesh panels keep you comfortable and dry all day. Perfect for working out or for day-long Summer events outside. Moisture-wicking, quick dry fabric helps prevent chafing.

Jockey Skimmies Slipshort
I received one of each to try, and my favorite is the short length because they are a bit cooler, and I don’t have to worry about them showing when I cross my legs. 

How might Jockey Skimmies® Slipshort save you from an embarrassing moment? Check out The Solutionary™ to see how Jockey Skimmies how your everyday skirt catastrophe could be avoided by wearing Skimmies.

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Jockey Skimmies Dress Style
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11 thoughts on “Stop Flashing The Tourists With Jockey Skimmies”

  1. I am not a dress person – only for dress-up occasions. Jockey Skimmies look like they could be worn alone as shorts. The prices are reasonable & Jockey is a great brand! I wonder the laundry instructions? I hope they don’t shrink.

  2. Jockey Skimmies look so amazing love to try them so would my daughter. We like the different colors they come in too.

  3. I don’t wear dressed often but I think they would be nice under pants to smooth things out and eliminate panty lines.

  4. I’ve never heard of these before but they sound awesome! I love that they aren’t tight yet accomplish the job!

  5. I recently purchased a pair of those to wear under a summer dress. For the very reason that you have stated…no flashing. And I thought that shorts or yoga pants just were too much for the dress. I love them and will def be purchasing some more!


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