When Calls The Heart Season 2 Finale

Will they or won”t they? That is the question on my mind as we head into the When Calls The Heart season 2 finale. This season has been all about romantic relationships from Elizabeth and Jack to Abigail and Bill and all of the couples in between. So as this season comes to a close, I wonder where the relationship status will be left as the curtain closes.

When Calls the Heart Elizabeth and Jack
Elizabeth and Jack

Did I see a ring in the preview for the season finale?! Could it be for Elizabeth? If so, presented by Jack or Charles? I am not sure Hope Valley”s favorite Mounty is ready for a proposal (not to mention the size of that ring), but I just hope it isn”t from Charles. I am really not looking for season two to end with a ring on Elizabeth”s finger, just a little resolution.

Elizabeth started to finally make up her mind in the last episode, coming very close to telling Charles to back off. But he insisted so the pursuit is still on. And poor Jack, the situation with his brother (Tom) and Elizabeth”s sister (Julie) nearly tore Jack and Elizabeth apart, and then he was dealt a low blow by papa Thatcher. Sigh. Let”s all just go back to Hope Valley were Jack and Elizabeth can be happy.

When Calls the Heart Julie and Tom
Julie and Tom

Speaking of Julie and Tom, we may have seen the last of them for this season. But don”t think for a moment that this tryst is over. In fact, if When Calls the Heart is to come back for season 3 (here”s hoping), I have a strong feeling that Tom will be back to try to win the affection of Julie and the approval of her father.

When Calls the Heart Abigal and Bill
Abigail and Bill (or perhaps Pastor Frank)

I think we have seen the end of the short-lived relationship between Abigail and Bill Avery, and I think that”s a good thing. Although the half-truths about his marriage have been explained away, I just don”t think he is completely on the up and up. It makes me sad for Abigail, like the other widows of Hope Valley she has been through so much, and she was able to come out stronger and open her heart again, but to someone undeserving.

When Calls the Heart Abigail and Pastor Frank
Could Abigail”s salvation come from the local Pastor? In recent weeks there has been hints of something brewing between Abigail and Pastor Frank, I wonder if this week we will see more of a development of their relationship. We shall see.

When Calls the Heart Rosemary and <a href=online casino Lee” width=”399″ height=”599″>
Rosemary and Lee

Rosemary has found a man who is head over heels for her and has the ability and willingness to give her anything her heart desires. The only problem, she doesn”t seem quite ready to settle down and become Mrs. Lee Coulter. Last week Lee started talking about the future with the town”s actress, and she all but turned him down! They seemed so smittened, I have to admit that I was a bit surprised by her reaction, and so was Lee it seemed. I wonder, is she still hung up on Jack?

When Calls The Heart Clara Stanton
Clara and Luke

With Abigail”s permission it seems that young Clara Stanton might be ready to move on. When last we saw Clara she was on her way to the town ice cream social with newcomer Luke. It was just a first date, but how sweet (and innocent) it was. I wish all first dates were as quaint as an ice cream social! (I am not sure exactly what one does at an ice cream social, but it sounds just dandy!) I love that she cares about Abigail and was worried first and foremost about her feelings. This young girl has already been through so much, I”d love to see her story grow and find happiness.

When Calls The Heart Season 2 Finale

How will When Calls The Heart season 2 end? Will the love stories of these couples be resolved? And who is that ring for? 

Tune in to the two-hour When Calls The Heart season 2 finale, Coming Together, With All My Heart, Saturday June 11 at 8/7 Central. If you are behind, be sure to catch up on this season using Hallmark Channel Everywhere and my When Calls the Heart recaps.


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