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How many hours a night do you sleep? I can honestly say, not enough. Everyone knows the recommended number of hours for a good night’s rest is eight. I typically get around six (the national average is 6.7). My only saving grace is that I am a good sleeper, so once I finally put work down for the night I am usually out like a light. It’s a skill.

Most of the time my biggest sleep issue is not giving myself enough time to sleep, but there are nights when I toss and turn. Even a few nights that I am awoken by a certain husband snoring. (Who is with me there?!) Like many people I have a device to track my daily activity and I try to keep a watchful eye on what I eat, but my sleep patterns — they are a bit of a mystery. (Other than knowing I didn’t get enough that is.)

With SleepIQ® technology your sleep patterns don’t have to be a mystery. In fact, you can track awake and restful periods simply by sleeping on a Sleep Number bed. There is nothing to wear, nothing to turn on just sleep on your Sleep Number mattress. Then using the SleepIQ app, you can see how well you slept. You can even track patterns of wakefulness over time. 

SleepIQ App
Knowing how your routines (like caffeine intake, diet, exercise, television, media usage and medications) affect your sleep with SleepIQ can help you change your habits for better sleep. It takes 30 days to break a habit so you can use this information to identify trends and make changes over time; from the ideal comfort, firmness and support of your Sleep Number setting, to adjusting daily routines like diet and exercise. 

SleepIQ is available with all Sleep Number mattresses, and it works with the Sleep Number DualAirâ„¢ technology. Use the Sleep Number store locator to find a store near you to visit so you can find your perfect Sleep Number

Commit To Sleep Sweepstakes

May is Better Sleep Month, and I know I need more sleep. So this month, I am going to Commit To Sleep. (I even went to bed early last night!) To show your commitment to Better Sleep Month, Sleep Number invites you to enter the Commit To Sleep sweepstakes for your chance to win a $15,000 sleep experience including a Sleep Number mattress, pillows sheets and more.

To enter share an image that shows how you will commit to sleep on Instagram or Twitter with the #CommitToSleepSweeps hashtag. 

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