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Ya’ll there are not enough hours in the day! My husband and I often joke that we thought we were busy before we had kids, but we had no idea! These days my life is car line, dance practice, room mom, Girl Scouts and a full-time blog. It’s go, go, go. 

A day in the life of a blogger

My official work time is in the morning after I drop my little off at school or Mimi’s house. I have three or four hours of solid work time. I could sit down for a real breakfast, but that time goes so quickly — especially if I get sidetracked by Facebook! So breakfast needs to be quick and filling, the last thing I need to do is get hungry in a little while because with the pantry so close it is too easy to snack on junk.

V8 Protein Shake

V8 Protein Shake Chocolate
I like quick morning fuel like a V8 Protein Shake, which come in Chocolate, Vanilla and Chocolate Raspberry. My favorite flavor is the chocolate (yum!), I am not a vanilla person, but my husband (Mr. Vanilla) says vanilla is good too. (I’ll take his word for it while enjoying my chocolate.) 

The new V8 Protein Shakes blends milk, soy, quinoa, brown rice and pea proteins with rich cocoa (or creamy vanilla) to energize you for the day. Each drink contains 12 grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber and no HFC. For easy shopping, V8 Protein Shakes are available from Amazon – Buy now!

Just before lunch time, it is time to pick up my baby from preschool. She and I enjoy lunch together, a quick book and then it is nap time. Nap time means another hour or so of work before my oldest comes home. 

V8 Protein Bar

At 2:30 the day’s events really get started. For the next hour we cram in stories about school, homework and get ready for the afternoon activity – dance or Girl Scouts. By the time we are out the door I am hungry again. So I need a snack to go. That’s where V8 Protein Bars are perfect.

V8 Protein Bar
I tell my girls (who want a bite of everything I eat) that my bar is a mommy bar filled with things like soy protein, nuts, oats and spices, which is all true, but I leave out the part about the delicious chocolate and peanut butter flavor. (Sorry kids, this bar is all mine.)

I am picky when it comes to bars, but the V8 Protein chocolate peanut butter bar is the real deal. The perfect snack to also satisfy my sweet tooth. V8 Protein bars come in chocolate peanut butter, chocolate pomegranate (also yum) and oatmeal raisin. For easy shopping, V8 Protein Bars are available from Amazon – Buy now!

V8 Protein Bar Snack
Depending on the activity de jour, I am usually about squeeze in a bit more work in the afternoon sitting in the dance studio or watching the girls play with their friends outside. Always tethered to my phone, I pretty much squeeze in work everywhere I can. 

After the day’s activities it is back home for dinner, baths and bed time. And when the girls are asleep, it’s time to work. Often up long past midnight, the house is quite and I can concentrate on writing and sorting through a million emails. 

Long after everyone else in the house is fast asleep I finally call it a night. Typically after a 17 or 18 hour day. That’s why staying fueled up with protein-packed snacks is important to me – I gotta keep going. And I can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow!

If you need delicious snacks that help you fuel up for your life, learn more about V8 Protein bars and shakes.

V8 Protein Bars and Shakes

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19 thoughts on “Fuel Up With V8 Protein Bars Shakes”

  1. Wow! They have come a long way from making just that nasty vegetable stuff. Lol! I would love to try that protein shake in Chocolate. Yum!

  2. Love seeing v8 address and make new products for today!! never liked the juice but these protein shakes and bars look so good and healthy!!

  3. I have to be honest, I have never liked V8 juice. The V8 Protein Shake has a couple of flavors that I like. The protein bars look good and are healthy. I also like their flavors, chocolate peanut butter, chocolate pomegranate & oatmeal raisin. BUT I think I would have to try a sample (of at least the bars) before I buy a whole box.

  4. I love V8’s other drink products but haven’t tried the protein shakes or bars yet. It sounds like they have come up with some more great nutritious products. Their shakes and bars sound delicious.


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