Conquering Cleaning Peeves With Scrubbing Bubbles®


I don’t have many cleaning pet peeves (other than generally not liking to do it), for the most part I just accept that things get dirty and move on. However, kids toothpaste is my mortal cleaning enemy. OMG! There is nothing that bothers me as much as dried up toothpaste all over the sink, the counter and the mirror. It grosses me out! Thank goodness there is Scrubbing Bubbles®.

Scrubbing Bubbles
Seriously, my husband and I don’t end up with white crusty toothpaste all over everything, why must they?

Of course, I can’t stand the fruity-flavored paste in the first place. My kids use all-natural organic paste, but the fruit — ugh! The smell makes me ill, and then the sticky stuff gets everywhere. From dried up globs and smears all over the sink to the spray that covers everything between my kids and the mirror. What are those kids doing behind closed doors? Sigh. I told you it was my pet peeve.

When it comes to cleaning the sticky stuff, I am all about avoiding elbow grease whenever possible. I see no reason to scrub if I don’t have to. And thanks to Scrubbing Bubbles® Multi Surface Bathroom Cleaner, I never have to scrub the pasty white film. Just spray, let it sit and wipe away the mess.

Scrubbing Bubbles Toothpaste Scum
Ahhh, much better.

Scrubbing Bubbles® has more than 40 years experience in bathroom cleaning, and I remember mom using Scrubbing Bubbles® in our bathroom when we were kids. Formulated to clean bathroom messes, Scrubbing Bubbles® tackles soap scum, hard water stains, dirt, toothpaste film and more. Plus it kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria while deodorizing your bathroom by killing odor-causing bacteria for that complete clean.

I use Scrubbing Bubbles® to clean the whole bathroom (not just the nasty sink stuff). It also works great in the shower.

Here’s a little Scrubbing Bubbles® bathroom fact from the Dirty Work Index that has me moving the toothbrush holder to the other side of the counter:

Sixty percent of people flush the toilet with the seat up, allowing toilet bacteria to spray out and cover everything in a fine layer of filth. 

Ewwww! Of course the kids don’t close the seat lid when the flush! As if the toothpaste thing wasn’t gross enough, now I am worried about toilet water!  

All bathrooms should have a separate toilet room, like our master bath. I have just decided. 

Now that the girls’ bathroom is clean, I am off to reorganize the counter. The brushes must now live on the other side, far away from the potty! 

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Scrubbing Bubbles®. I received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for participating. 

23 thoughts on “Conquering Cleaning Peeves With Scrubbing Bubbles®”

  1. LOL how cute, when my boys were younger dried toothpaste would get into spots you would not believe and I have to use those rugs that fit around the commode, because little boys tend to drip and it helps keep things fresher, thank you for agreeing with me Scrubbing Bubbles is great, I have yet to met the bubbles personally, but they are in my bathroom and turn into bubbles and party when I am gone. lol

  2. I’ve never used Scrubbing Bubbles, but I’m definitely going to give it a try. I really like this is a multi surface cleaner. I definitely need that! I hate having to buy multiple cleaning products for the bathroom! And most times they don’t work well and are costly! Such a waste of time and money. Thanks for the info!

  3. I try to clean my shower each week, but it’s my least favorite thing to clean so it’s more often longer than that. Normally, when I clean my shower, within a day or two my shower has water stains on it. Wow! This looks like it would make the job a whole lot easier

  4. I love Scrubbing Bubbles, it’s a great cleaner for the bathroom. The boys in my house always miss the potty and hit the floor.

  5. Cleaning the bathroom is definitely not one of my favorite things to do, but it sounds like this would make my life much easier while cleaning! I’d love to try it!

  6. I Love scrubbing bubbles and promote it to all my friends by telling them they can spray it on and wipe off with a tissue but if they’d rather scrub for 20 minutes don’t use it LOL

  7. Scrubbing Bubbles makes cleaning the bathroom easier. Cleaning the bathroom is the hardest cleaning job. The toilet and shower gets really dirty. I agree the toilet should be seoarate from the rest of the bathroom.


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