Hands-Free Vacuum Makes Pet Clean Up Easy 

We pet owners love our pets. They are cuddly and furry, which makes them great for snuggling. But long hair or short hair, cat or dog — pets also come with an extra cleanup responsibility. Not just cleaning up after accidents (although there is often that too). I am talking about cleaning up pet hair and debris tracked in by your pet. A never-ending battle. 

Dog Kisses
Imagine having your very own robot to clean up after your pet. No more sweeping, no more vacuuming, no more living with pet hair and bits of outside tracked in by your pets — just turn on the smartest vacuum you’ve ever owned and let it do its thing. 

That’s Neato.

Neato Robot Vacuums use smart laser-guided navigation (think the Google driverless car on your floor –it’s the same technology) to navigate your home cleaning under furniture, around obstacles and into the corners. Clean floors without lifting a finger. You don’t even have to remember to turn it on, program the time and date you want Neato to clean (say when everyone out of the house) and like magic the vacuuming is done. When your floors are clean, Neato returns to the charging station ready for its next shift. 

Neato Botvac 85 Best for Pets
Completely hands-free vacuuming with powerful suction ready to clean multi-surface floors. 

If pet hair is your dirty little secret, Neato will keep your secret safe by making sure your floors are always clean — even if you don’t have time to clean them.

Shed Solutions

Neato helps make cleaning up after the shedding easy, but Neato also put together a guide full of tips for dealing with pet shedding in its Shed Solutions Guide. There are even some ideas to help you reduce your pet’s shedding. Wouldn’t it be great to cut down on your pet’s shedding, and then let Neato pick up where your shed control leaves off? 

The guide also has a few fun facts. For example, did you know labradors shed approximately 70 pounds of hair in a year?! Oh my that’s a lot of hair to clean up after. 

Neato BotVac Dog

Win a Neato Robot Vacuum

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Neato Robotics® Best for Pets Vacuums. The opinions and text are all mine.