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In preparation of Veteran’s Day my daughter’s school hosted veterans at the school last week. The father of another first grader even came into her class to talk about his time in the Army. K was very excited about having a veteran in her class, but after asking her a few questions it was clear that she really had very little understanding of what a veteran was.

Clearly, I needed to correct that problem, and this was the perfect opportunity.

We began to talk about the military and the various branches, what it meant to serve our country and why we are proud of veterans.  I was honored to tell her about her great-grandfather who served as an Army pilot in WWII. She was thrilled to learn that her Pop-Pop served in the Air Force. And she was surprised to learn that her cousin is a Marine.

The only military family member she remembered is another cousin currently serving overseas as a Marine Fighter Pilot. Jarod and his friends made quite an impression on her at his wedding in May. Especially when his Navy Seal buddy gave her his Navy Seal pin. I just about fell over when he took it off her jacket and gave it to her — she was so fascinated with his medals and he was so sweet explaining them all to her. 

Navy Seal Insignia
After talking about all of the special people in our lives who have given their service to our country and what that means she said, “Oh, that’s you always shake hands with people you see in uniform and we tell them, ‘thank you.'”

Yes K, that’s why we always thank those we see in uniform. Every time.

Katy’s Goodness Thank A Deserving Veteran 

Looking for a creative way to support veterans? Katy’s Goodness makes it easy to support veterans with a random act of kindness in the form of cookies! (Because who doesn’t like cookies?) Katy’s Goodness is on a mission to deliver good-for-you snacks while supporting our nations’ more than 20 million U.S. Military Veterans.

A Katy’s cookie care package includes six bags of Katy’s Goodness My OH Mega® Cookies, a thank you card and printed information on organizations that support America’s military veteran community with housing, jobs, education and medical and mental health services. The care package costs $30, which includes shipping, and each bag includes about a dozen cookies.

And Katy’s cookies are special — they no artificial ingredients, are high in protein, rich in fiber and an excellent source of omegas! Oh and they are yummy too!

Katy's Goodness Cookies
Once a care package is purchased, Katy’s Goodness will automatically ship the package to a military veteran through their partners on behalf of the purchaser.

Between now and Veteran’s Day 2015, people can thank a military veteran by ordering a Katy’s Goodness Cookie Care Package to be shipped directly by us to one of America’s 22 million military veterans. For every purchase, Katy’s Goodness will donate funds back to the local affiliates of its nationally recognized charity partners:, Easter Seals, Student Veterans of America, Warriors in the Workplace, and Support Military Foundation. A national program that returns back to the local level where change happens.

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In honor of Veterans everywhere Happy Veteran’s Day!

Navy Seal Pin
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