Disney Movies Anywhere Makes Your Movies Portable

Last week I shared the exciting announcement that Disney Movies Anywhere is now available on Google Play. I also mentioned that when you sign up for Disney Movies Anywhere you can get a free digital copy of Wreck it Ralph. But if you aren’t yet familiar with Disney Movies Anywhere, the announcement might not have meant much. So this week I want to tell you more about Disney Movies Anywhere and why you should be using it. 

Disney Movies Anywhere

What is Disney Movies Anywhere?

In a nutshell, it is a digital library of the Disney movies you own that you can watch anytime from any IOS or Android device. With Disney Movies Anywhere you can stream movies right from your account or download the digital copies to your device to watch offline. It’s the perfect travel companion.

After downloading the free Disney Movies Anywhere app, you can connect the app iTunes or Google Play and your Disney Movie Rewards account (because you want to make sure you are earning DMR points!). Once connected there are two ways to add movies to your account, you can input digital codes from Disney movies that come in the combo packs or you can buy just the digital copy through iTunes or Google Plus.

We have been using Disney Movies Anywhere since it launched on iTunes last February. It is loaded on to our iPads and my husband’s iPhone, but until last week’s release we didn’t have access on my phone. Now fellow Android users have the same access to their library of Disney movies — anywhere. 

Since we already had everything connected to iTunes, I was happy to learn that you can connect your Disney Movies Anywhere account to Google Play and share movies across all IOS and Android devices. 

Because we typically get Disney Movie combo packs, we have quite a library of Disney movies accumulated. And since we had already entered the digital codes into our DMR account to get points, connecting the account gave us instant access to our digital movies. At current count we have 38 movies in our Disney Movies Anywhere account.

Disney Movies Anywhere Digital Library

Why Use Disney Movies Anywhere?

Disney Movies Anywhere makes it easy to keep your digital movies organized. At a glance you can see all of the digital movies you own and scroll through movies you would like to buy. Plus now you can literally watch Disney movies anywhere you take your IOS or Android device. Think car trips, plane rides, hotels, grandmas. Never be without your kiddos favorite movie!

 In addition to the movies you own, Disney Movies Anywhere also includes exclusive content and featurettes. For example, right now you can watch original shorts featuring Cad Spinner and Blade Runner from Planes: Fire & Rescue. 

Disney Movies Anywhere it makes it easy to keep track of your digital Disney movies storing them all in one location. If you own Disney digital movies, what are you waiting for? It is a free app and right now you can get a digital copy of Wreck It Ralph for free! 

Download Disney Movies Anywhere today.

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