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Remember when the Grinch’s heart grew three size? That’s what happened when I became a mom. Celebrating all kinds of heart-expanding love MassMutual asked me to share details of its Love is a Gift campaign and tell you how you can help support the Easter Seals just by sharing a photo of your loved ones. 

Everyone told me that I would really understand the true meaning of love when I had children of my own, and they were right. When K came into our lives, it was like I suddenly had a purpose — to protect and love my sweet babe. 

Then when I was pregnant with her baby sister, I was paranoid that I would never be able to love her the way I loved K. How could I? K was perfect in every way, and my heart seemed so full. How could I make room to love another child as much? But I could, and I did because like the Grinch my heart grew three sizes again. 

It’s amazing how much love kids can bring into our lives. Love is a special gift, and I am so thankful to have my loves in my life.

Pumpkin Patch

Love Is A Gift

Through its philanthropic social initiative, Love is a Gift, MassMutual invites you to share a photo of your loved one(s) along with a few words about your loved one. For every photo shared on Instagram with the hashtag #LoveIsAGift or uploaded directly to the Love Is A Gift website MassMutual will donate $1 to Easter Seals, up to $50,000.  

Note – Instagram accounts must be public in order to trigger the donation. So if you have a private account, you can upload your photo directly to the Love Is A Gift website.

Love is a Gift
Easter Seals is a nonprofit organization that provides children and adults living with disabilities, their caregivers and veterans with access to more information, specialists and financial strategies that can help improve their quality of life. 

Photos shared with the Love is a Gift campaign can been viewed in the photo gallery on the Love Is A Gift website. And once your photo is uploaded you can share it along with details of the initiative with friends on Facebook or Twitter.

Family Dinner
What photo will you share?

The Suburban Mom

#LoveIsAGift Twitter Party

Join the #LoveIsAGift Twitter Party Wednesday, November 5 at 11 am EST for a chance to talk about what love means to you and win prizes. 

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the MassMutual.

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  1. I hear you about the heart growing three sizes. I can’t imagine my life without my two girls. I will have to find a good photo to share! Love your pumpkin patch picture!

  2. Such a lovely initiative! Let’s all learn to view the world through the eyes of love. BTW: Your girls are adorable. 🙂


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