A Spoonful Of Chocolate Helps The Cough Medicine Go Down

It’s the sound in the middle of the night that parents dread – cough, cough, cough. 

In my house it is a sound that we hear all too often. I’ve been blessed with very healthy kids, and I can probably count on one hand the number of times K has been really sick. But anytime she gets a touch of even the slightest cold — even when I don’t really realize she is sick — she gets a lingering cough that lasts for months, months.

Oh that cough.

It’s a dry, persistent cough that, of course, gets worse at night. She has spent countless nights laying in bed, coughing. Hearing your child struggle to breath because they can’t stop coughing – it is heart breaking. 

And here’s the thing, getting her to take cough medicine sheer torture. On top of coughing, there’s crying and begging. She loathes cough medicine. And she hates honey, in all forms. (Unlike her sister who will eat honey out of the jar if I let her.)

We do a lot of shower steams, but when her cough is at its worse — cough meds are a must. 

She doesn’t like honey, but she lovessssss chocolate. So guess how excited I was when I learned about the first chocolate flavored cough medicine for kids by Dr. Cocoa?! Oh yes, that’s right — chocolate cough medicine!!! 

Dr Cocoa Chocolate Cough Medicine
Always the skeptic, and a regular cougher myself, I wondered if it would really taste like chocolate. Guess what? It does. There’s a little bite to the after taste, when you can tell it was medicine. But yes, it tastes like chocolate.

Now, my K has a cough nearly half the year. But as luck would have it, she hasn’t had one since I received the Dr. Cocoa. So I was the taste tester — in case you were wondering. 

Chocolate Cough Medicine For Kids
Dr. Cocoa cough medicine products combine trusted, effective ingredients with 10% real cocoa for a real chocolate taste and come in three varieties:

  • Daytime Cough + Cold: Relieves stuffy nose and cough for children ages 4-13. Its non-drowsy formula makes it ideal for daytime use. (Dextromethorphan, cough suppressant) 
  • Non-Drowsy Cough: Relieves coughs for up to eight hours without causing drowsiness in children ages 4-13. (Dextromethorphan, cough suppressant + Phenylephrine, nasal decongestant) 
  • Nighttime Cough + Cold: Made especially for children ages 6-13 to relieve coughs, along with stuffy nose, runny nose and sneezing at night. (Diphenhydramine, antihistimine/cough suppressant + Phenylephrine, nasal decongestant) 

Next time K gets a cough, I will be prepared with Dr. Cocoa on hand. 

Chocolate Cough Medicine Dr Cocoa Owl
Dr. Cocoa products are available online and at stores nationwide including Target, CVS and Walgreens. You can find more information about Dr. Cocoa, where to buy and a $2 off coupon on Dr. Cocoa’s website. You can also connect with Dr. Cocoa on Facebook.

Win it – Through October 17, Dr. Cocoa is giving away 50 Dr. Cocoa hand puppets. Enter for your chance to win.

Dr. Cocoa products are FDA regulated medicines and should be used only as directed and kept safely out of reach of children.

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