150+ Do-A-Dot Printable Worksheet Coloring Pages For Preschool

One of my preschooler’s favorite after-school activities are coloring her Do-A-Dot Printable Worksheet coloring pages.

Even though it has been a month since she started, I still can’t believe my baby is in preschool! My baby! (Sniff, sniff.) From day one she was in her element. While many of the other two year olds were saying their tearful goodbyes, my girl sat right down at the arts and crafts table and started making a project. Casually waving goodbye to me while she painted, I was the only one who cried that day.

Now that we are in the groove of the school year, she sits with big sister and I at the table everyday after school and wants to do her “homework” too. (After all, she is in school just like sister so she wants homework too.) So I keep coming up with new things for her to do as homework. Our most recent obsession are Do-A-Dot worksheet pages.

150 Do A Dot Printable Worksheets
If you aren’t familiar, Do-A-Dot markers are that make dots. And there are oddles and oddles of printable worksheet pages you can find online for Do-A-Dot projects. For Do-A-Dot worksheets you can use Do-A-Dot markers, circle stickers, stamps, pom poms or pretty much anything you can think of to fill in the circles working on hand-eye coordination and learning letters and numbers at the same time. Perfect for preschoolers.

My daughters LOVE the shimmer Do-A-Dot markers and animal stamps (below).

Do A Dot Art! Markers 6-Pack Rainbow Washable Paint MarkersDo A Dot Art! Markers 6-Pack Rainbow Washable Paint MarkersDo A Dot Art! Markers 5-Pack Shimmer Washable Paint MarkersDo A Dot Art! Markers 5-Pack Shimmer Washable Paint MarkersJungle Zoo Safari Stampers Self-ink StampsJungle Zoo Safari Stampers Self-ink Stamps


Do-A-Dot Printable Worksheet Coloring Pages

Fall-themed Do-A-Dot pages by From ABCs to ACTs

Fall Do-A-Dot Color Pages
Frozen-themed Do-A-Dot pages by The Activity Mom.

FREE Frozen Do A Dot Marker Printable
Alphabet Do-A-Dot pages by The Measured Mom.

Alphabet Do-a-Dot Printables
Full Alphabet Letter Identification Do-A-Dot pages by Over The Big Moon

ABC Do A Dot Worksheet Printables
Preschool Letter Do-A-Dot pages by Crystal and Comp

Preschool Letter Worksheets Do-A-Dot Printables A-Z
Halloween Do-A-Dot pages by Gift of Curiosity (FYI – this site has TONS of Do-A-Dot worksheets!)

Halloween Do-A-Dot Printables
Numbers Do-A-Dot pages by Palmer Practicality

Number Do A Dot Worksheets
ABCs Do-A-Dot pages by Schooltime Snippets

ABC Letters Do A Dot Printables

Christmas Dot Pages by Two Pink Peonies


Disney Princess Do-A-Dot pages by Activity Mom

Disney Princes Do A Dot Printable Pages
Princess Do-A-Dot pages by  Gift of Curiosity

Princess Do-a-Dot Printables

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  1. Thank you for these. With my 3 kids at home for quarantine, this is the perfect activity for my Belle obsessed 3 year old!

  2. Thank you for allowing these to be printed at home. My Pre-K daughter is loving dot art right now and she loves practicing her alphabet and counting with these pages.


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