What Makes Your Pet Special?

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There’s nothing like coming home to a tail-wagging, happy dog. It doesn’t matter if you have been gone for five minutes, five hours or five days – when a dog greets you it is the happiest reunion ever, every time! And I can’t help but smile when my welcoming committee greets me at the door.

Toy Yorkie
Bear and Bella have been greeting me at the door for the last nine years, that’s a lot of smiles they have brought to my face. Now that they are getting older, maintaining their health is even more important to me than ever. And a big part of that is choosing the right dog food – both one that they will eat (yep, even my dogs are picky eaters) and one that is full of the nutrients they need to be healthy.

Purina® believes in providing quality products for pets because they deserve the best. (Right?!) More than 400 scientists and pet nutritionists are involved in the detailed process of ensuring all Purina pet foods, including Beyond® natural pet foods, are easily digested, provide essential nutrients, and taste great! (Well, at least my dogs seem to think it tastes great.)

Earlier this week, I joined a #GoBeyondParty Twitter party and chatted with fellow pet parents about what makes our dog special. The best part of the party was seeing pictures of everyone’s prized pooch. So many cute, and happy dogs!

Of course, I got a good laugh when people started talking about the tricks their dogs could do. Mine dogs’ greatest tricks are begging for dinner, looking adorable and sleeping in my lap. Yorkies aren’t really trick dogs, but I sure do love them.

If you want to see some of those happy doggie faces, check out the #GoBeyondParty hashtag on Twitter – I bet it will have you saying, “Awe!”

What makes your pet special?


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