Kellie Pickler Talks About Her VeggieTales Role In “Beauty And The Beet”

With a warm smile and an engaging, “Hi Ya’ll” Kellie Pickler entered the room. We were at a sound studio Nashville, Tennessee, and she had joined us to talk about her upcoming role in the newest VeggieTales release “Beauty and the Beet” (due out October 2014). We had been waiting all day, having caught a quick glimpse of her earlier, to meet Ms. Pickler, and I was happy to be sitting in the front row. 

Kellie Pickler VeggieTales Interview
As she chatted happily about her role as a sweet potato, it was clear that VeggieTales made the right call casting this country music star. More than just the bubbly voice that perfectly suits the lead character Mirabelle (which it does), it was clear that Kellie took her role as a VeggieTales character very seriously. Not to mention that she’s the perfect fit for the shows seven new VeggieTales songs. 

Kellie talked about her Gram and how she used memories of her Gram to help her get into character for Mirabelle who has a heart of forgiveness and love for others above all else. And she admitted that voicing an animated film was harder than she expected it to be.

Perhaps the most candid moment was when she demonstrated how she really got into the role when adding the vocal track for a scene when Mirabelle is supposed to be rolling down a hill. Kellie demonstrated how she bumped and rocked her chair shouting “Oh, ah, ouch.” Followed by her infectious laugh.

Kellie Pickler VeggieTales
Both down to earth and a delight to talk Kellie was asked how she manages to keep herself grounded in the Nashville scene to which she replied,

The company you keep is so important. Surround yourself with people who make you a better person. ~ Kellie Pickler

Pretty sound advice for both adults and kids. 

Although she doesn’t have children of her own (yet), Kellie was already familiar with VeggieTales from her nieces and nephews and was thrilled when she received the call to join the cast. She was happy to find out that her character was sweet potato because, “Who doesn’t like sweet potatoes.” Of course, we had to know what Kellie’s favorite vegetable, and in true southern charm she replied, “Fried okra!”

VeggieTales Kellie Pickler
We asked Kellie about upcoming projects, and she told us she is headed back to the studio to work on her fifth album, which was met with applause. Then we all wanted to know if her sweet potato character would return to make appearances in future VeggieTales episodes, and Kellie admitted that she’d love to but that it was too soon to know. 

As if I needed another reason to like Kellie, when I began to ask her a question she stopped me mid-sentence to tell me she liked my necklace. A gift from my sister’s jewelry boutique (Fashion Jewelry By Lindsay), I was happy to give my sister a little shout out! 

After the interview we took a group photo with Kellie who was just as sweet as she could be. While we waited for the photographer to get just the right set up Kellie talked to us like a group of friends telling us about her tattoos (including her first one for her Gram). 

VeggieTales Kellie Pickler
Listen for Kellie’s sweet southern twang in VeggieTales “Beauty and the Beet.” 

VeggieTales Beauty And The Beet
I was invited to Nashville as part of a media event to learn about what’s new for VeggieTales, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. My son loves VeggieTales and it sounds like Kellie Pickler will make the perfect addition. Her quote is absolutely so true – you really do need to surround yourself with people that make you better!

  2. i loved Kelli on American Idol and think its great that she is working with Veggie Tales–these are great wholesome DVD’s –need more of this type of programming for children


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