New And Improved Spill Proof Sippy Cups From Playtex

Sippy cups have been a staple in this house for the last six years, and I don’t see them going anywhere any time soon. Even my six year old still drinks out of a sippy cup from time to time. Sure, she is perfectly capable of drinking out of a cup and she does so when sitting at the table. But our evening routine includes milk on the couch before bed, and there’s no way I am letting my wild and crazy kids near the couch with a glass of milk. 

Every mom knows that the most important feature of a sippy cup is that it must be spill proof — that’s why we use them after all, right?! If you look in my cabinet you will see one brand over and over again – Playtex. I took a quick head count and counted eight Playtex sippies currently in rotation. Yep, lots of sippies in my house. 

Clearly we are no stranger to Playtex cups. But it has been a while since I bought cups, and some improvements have been made to the cups. As part of the Playtex Mom Trust I received the TrainingCups and AnyWhere Cups to check out the newest features.

Playtext TrainingTime Anywhere Sippy Cups
Both of my girls learned to drink from a sippy cup with two-handled Playtex training sippies before their first birthday. The new Playtex TrainingTime cups are an updated version of the older-style cups we love, and the improvements make they cup even better. 

The first cool new feature is the removable handle, which is perfect for transitioning babies from two handles to no handles. When ready to transition to a bigger cup, your tot can learn with the same small cup they are used just without handles.

Another design improvement (perhaps my favorite) is the Twist ‘N Click. We have some other Playtex sippies with this feature, and I love it. Instead of screwing on the lid as tight as you think it goes, when you screw on a lid with the Twist ‘N Click a click lets you know that your lid is on tight. Trust me, when you are in a hurry this feature is fantastic. Click and good to go. 

TrainingTime cups are 100% spill proof, but they don’t have a separate valve. Instead the spout piece (which is removable for washing) acts like a valve. 

The 6 oz TrainingTime cups are available in both a soft sippy spout (our fave) or a straw depending on your child’s preference for babies four months old and up. 

Once your little one gets a bit older, the next step up is the 9 oz Playtex Anywhere Cup. These contoured cups are available in Spout, Straw and Spoutless — also with Twist ‘N Click lids.

Playtex Anywhere Sippy Cup
The Anywhere Cup has an updated valve that looks a little different from the older ones, but it works just as well. Of course, the most important of all sippy cup features is that they must be leak proof, which both of these cups are. I made a short video to show off my favorite features. 


When your babe gets even older, the next steps in the line of Playtex cups are the PlayTime (9 oz) and TravelTime (12 oz) cups, which are insulated for on the go. My girls are six and two, so at this stage these are the cups that currently line our shelves.

I am a fan of the updates that have been made to the Playtex line of cups, which continue to be the most used cups in our house. 

Playtex cups are available at Walmart,Target, Babies “R” Us, Amazon, as well as local grocery and drug stores. 

9 thoughts on “New And Improved Spill Proof Sippy Cups From Playtex”

  1. Sippy cups are a big must when you have kids especially ones that DO NOT leak! I like the ones that the kids can use with the handles on the sides.

  2. wow i love a true spill proof cup, these are awesome. They save such a mess, i love the handle that you can take on or off, that is a plus, very cool review thanks a bunch.

  3. This cup is great! I’ve always love Playtex and stood by the name. I think they are one of the best companies out there.

  4. Sippy cups are getting better and better. It is great that there is improvement in making them spill proof,. I have the stains on my carpet to show it wasn’t always this way. 🙂


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