13 Frozen Back To School Supplies

Frozen mania continues in my house with my girls wanting anything and everything Frozen. Even back to school supplies can’t escape the cast of Elsa’s magical spell. And we love it!

Frozen Back to School
Frozen Thermos FUNtainer – These are the best water bottles ever. My girls have several of them. (Shhh Frozen ones are on their way to our house!)

Thermos FUNtainer Frozen Anna Elsa Back To School
Frozen Backpack – This is the hardest item to find at a reasonable price, but I found one for under $25!

Frozen Anna Elsa Backpack
Frozen Preschool Backpack – I am loving this pink preschool backpack. 

Frozen Anna Elsa Preschool Backpack
Frozen Lunch Box – In stock and reasonable!

Frozen Lunch Box Anna Elsa
Frozen Lunch Box – A different style (under $15!)

Disney Frozen Lunch Box
Olaf Frozen Lunchbox — Ok, just one more lunchbox for the love of Olaf!!!

Olaf Frozen Lunchbox
Frozen Umbrella – It may not be on your school supply list, but kids always need umbrellas for school. (At least here in FL!)

Frozen Anna Elsa Umbrella
Frozen Pencil Case – Anna, Elsa and Olaf in ice blue.

Anna Elsa Olaf Frozen Pencil Case
Frozen Pencil Case – Anna and Elsa in pink.

Frozen Anna Elsa Pencil Case
Frozen Pencils – Polish handwriting skills with an icy touch.

Frozen Pencils
Frozen Stationary Set – Two folders, eraser, sharpener, 6-inch ruler, pencil pouch, 1 subject notebook, memo pad, 3 pencils.

Frozen Stationary Set Pencil Notepad
Frozen Calculator Stationary Set – Another stationary set with a calculator, memo pad, 2 pencils, a sharpener, an eraser and a note pad.

Frozen Calculater Stationary Set
Frozen Socks – Because a new school year deserves new socks!

Frozen Socks

2 thoughts on “13 Frozen Back To School Supplies”

  1. We just got one of the Frozen book bags with the attached lunch box and the Funtainer. We didn’t get the Frozen one because on Amazon it was backordered for I believe 2 months. We ended up with Doc McStuffins. This Frozen stuff is limited. Great post!

    • Thanks Jen – Yeah, I noticed it went on back order, actually when I placed my order LOL! I think my girls will end up getting it as a Christmas gift 🙂 Glad you enjoyed everything!


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