Tooth Fairy Ideas And Free Printables

The arrival of the Tooth Fairy is a special occasion. Celebrate that milestone with these Tooth Fairy ideas and free printables including tooth fairy letterhead and a tooth report card.

The Tooth Fairy visited our house last week for the very first time, and it was a VERY big deal. As one of the last of her friends to lose a tooth, K had been yearning for a wiggly tooth for more than a year. And with each friend who lost a tooth, her yearning only grew. Finally, on the last day of school she bumped her mouth during our end of the year pool party and poof — a wiggly tooth. 

Just three days later, that tooth fell out, and the Tooth Fairy made her debut visit to our home. And K was all smiles!

To document the tooth loss journey, I had K hold up a handmade sign showing off her lost tooth. If I can remember to do this with each lost tooth, I think it will be neat to see her grow and her signs change. (Now, to file the photo where I can find it later!)

First Lost Tooth Sign
Here is the neat part, K has the exact same Tooth Fairy I had when I was a little girl — imagine that! Gwendalin the Tooth Fairy (Gwen for short) is still in the biz. 

Since this was our first lost tooth, Qwen had to make a big impression (without forking over a $5 bill). So in exchange for her first lost tooth, K received a letter from the Tooth Fairy, “gold coin” (Susan B Anthony), a tooth report card and a new book about a lost tooth. (Apparently Qwen is keen in the idea of working on summer reading skills too!)

Lost Tooth Books:

Judging from the fact that K tells everyone she meets — including the mailman — about her treasures, I would say that the Tooth Fairy did well.

Tooth Fairy Printables

I sent a special note (via the Tooth Fairy Post) and asked Qwen if I could share her Tooth Fairy Note and Tooth Report Card, and she was happy to share tips for fellow Tooth Fairies. 

Free Tooth Fairy Printables
The Tooth Fairy Letterhead is designed 5.5 x 8 inches — so two fit perfectly on a page. Download the Tooth Fairy Note, then when you print it select 2 “copies per page.” That way your Tooth Fairy has an extra — just in case.

Download the Tooth Fairy Note in Pink HERE

Download the Tooth Fairy Note in Blue HERE

The Tooth Report Card is 4×6 inches, and prints nicely on 4×6 photo paper for a keepsake. (Don’t forget to leave out a Sharpie for your Tooth Fairy.)

Download the Tooth Report Card in Pink HERE

Download the Tooth Report Card in Blue HERE

Tooth Fairy Ideas Free Printables

7 thoughts on “Tooth Fairy Ideas And Free Printables”

  1. I really love this! However, its hard to download. I clicked on all these things and it installed stuff on my computer. Then when I clicked the download link it just prints it from the page. Meaning, I can’t download a PDF and print at a later time. Great tool and I love that you took the time to do it and THANK YOU FOR DOING SO!! I just wish it were easier bc I have to keep searching for your site and download something every time my kids lose a tooth. Is there an easier way I am just not doing??

    • Hi Tiff – I am sorry you had trouble. You do NOT need to install ANYTHING on your computer. Toward the bottom of the page, you will see links to each of the printables – 4 different links. When you click on them the image will open in another tab. The images are jpegs, and you can right click on them to save them to your computer to print them later. (Although, I admit that I like the idea of you coming back!) Hope this helps!

  2. Very easy to download. Thank you! I am not a Pinterest Mom and was able to work it out thankfully. So cute and used for his first tooth so now I have to keep it going. I should use Pinterest more often. So many great ideas but I always feel like I never have time. Thanks again!

    • Thanks for leaving a comment and letting me know. It makes me so happy when people enjoy the things I create. My oldest just had her last baby teeth pulled today, so she will get one last “report card.”

  3. Hi there! I don’t know that anyone monitors this site anymore as it’s almost 10 years old, but i just wanted to say that we’ve got twins and triplets that are ages 10 and 13. We started using the tooth fairy report card when our 13 year olds lost their first tooth. Now my 10 year olds are nearing the end of their journey with losing teeth and I wanted to let someone know how much this little web page has had an impact on our kids. Even though i’m pretty sure they’ve figured it out by now, they always look for their report card under their pillow every time they lose a tooth. That’s alot of teeth and report cards over the years. I’ve never taken a backup copy of the template. I’ve always just googled “Tooth fairy report card” and been lucky enough to have it come up every time. So thank you to whomever has paid to keep this site up and running. You’ve had a huge impact on my kids childhood 🙂

    • *Swipes at a few rogue tears* You’ve absolutely made my whole day. I am honored to have been part of such a special memory for you. I made these for my now 15 year old and we are both eagerly awaiting her little sister’s first wiggly tooth, she can’t wait to help me play tooth fairy with those very special tooth fairy reports. But to have been a part of you memories as well. I am honored.


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