5 Tips For Your Next Pool Party + Free Beach Ball Printable Tags

We are pool people. My girls would spend every single day in the pool if they could, so it is no wonder that I love to throw pool parties! I typically host at least two each summer — one at the beginning of summer and another at the end. In fact, I am planning my first one of the season next week. 

With many successful pool parties under my belt, I thought I would share a few tips for making your next pool party a splashing success. And because I think every party needs a few fun decorations, I am sharing a free Beach Ball Printable I created for my pool party. Nothing says pool party like a beach ball!

5 Tips For Your Next Pool Party

Pool Party Tips Free Printable
Safety First – The number one rule for hosting a pool party is to ensure there are eyes on the pool at all times. The easiest way to do this is to designate an adult guest as a “lifeguard.” This person sits facing the pool with no distractions, and the position can be rotated between guests so everyone takes a turn. Another idea; hire a teen lifeguard or even someone from the high school swim team who has had CPR training. Bottom line, no one gets in the pool until there is an adult ready and watching.

Huggies Little Swimmers Pool
Poolside Munchies – Kids of all ages are going to work up an appetite splishing and splashing, so be ready with water-inspired finger foods. Easy ideas include Gold Fish crackers (served in plastic buckets with shovels), individual servings of carrots taking a “dip” in ranch dressingTwizzlers (pool noodles), fresh fruit, Life Saver candies, etc. And my favorite treat to serve poolside, Popsicles!

Popsicle Party
Make A Splash – Once they get in, some kids will never leave the pool. Others will need something more to do. One of my favorite ways to keep kids entertained at a pool party is with other water activities like DIY Sponge Balls. Easy to make, sponge balls are so much better than water balloons because they can be used again and again. Plus little ones enjoy squishing them as much as tossing them. Make them for your party and let your kids enjoy them all summer.

Sponge Balls Summer Kids Craft
Beach Ball Printables – Just because it is an outdoor pool party doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with some easy, themed decorations. In keeping with the pool theme, I love beach balls. The printable I created is the perfect size to be punched out with a handheld punch. You can also cut them by hand, but I promise it is easier and more precise with a punch. These beach balls are perfect to use as food labels – just write on them with a marker and glue them to lollipop sticks. I also love how they look as straw toppers.

Beach Ball Drink Toppers Free Printable
By the way, those are 10 oz Solo cups with plastic lids. I buy mine online from Staples, and they are the perfect size for small hands. 

Download Free Beach Ball Tags here.

Beach Ball Printable Tags
Beach Bag Essentials – Someone is bound to forget something like a towel, sunscreen, Huggies Little Swimmers, etc. And you don’t want to be running in and out of the house fetching things, so pack a beach bag (or two) filled with extras moms might need to make their little ones happy. Then when someone is in a pinch, direct them to your bag and let them help themselves. 

Beach Bag Supplies
We plan to spend a lot of time in the pool this summer with friends splashing and playing in the Florida sun. I hope you enjoy your pool party too! 

Toddler Huggies Little Swimmers
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