Kajeet: The Cell Phone For Kids (With Parental Control)

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If you have kids over the age of 5, chances are they have probably harassed begged you for a cell phone at one time or another. While we want our kids to have mostly everything they want, the cell phone issue can be a tough one. Kids feel like everyone else has one but them. Parents feel like if we give them a cell phone we will be giving them the keys to the kingdom with access to all kinds of things we aren’t ready to allow.

There is a solution that will make your kids very happy and that will give you peace of mind! Let me tell you about Kajeet, the cell phone service designed by parents with kids in mind.

Kajeet offers kids the phones they want and parents the ability to manage the account from a computer. Parents can block unwanted calls, set time limits on phone usage and control what websites are accessible to the child. All Kajeet phones also come with a GPS Locator to help you keep track of your kids’ phone. This feature allows you to find a lost phone, or to check up on your child in real time. I love this feature because life moves fast. Kids are busy little people, being able to keep up with their activity is wonderful for providing peace of mind.

Kajeet Kids Cell Phone
Doesn’t this sound like a too good to be true cell phone service? It gets even better. With Kajeet you don’t pay any activation or termination fees. There is no long-term contract to worry about and best of all, plans start at $4.99 a month. Yes, you read that right less than $5 a month. If you have an eligible phone you can bring it over to Kajeet or you can choose from an assortment of phones from the basic starter phone to an Android smartphone.

You can rest assured that with Kajeet you will get exceptional cell phone service with your kids in mind. Kajeet has been bestowed with awards and acknowledgements from associations including PTPA Media, iParenting, the Mom’s Choice Awards and NAPPA.

If you are ready to take the step toward making your kids ecstatic with a fantastic fully-functioning phone visit Kajeet‘s website from May 1 through June 17, take advantage of this deal: 20% off of all phones (except Samsung Galaxy S4) with the promo code PROUD.


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6 thoughts on “Kajeet: The Cell Phone For Kids (With Parental Control)”

  1. According to my kids they are the only ones in the world without a cell phone. They are 13 and 12. I’ve told them that when they have a job and can afford to buy their own phone and pay for their own plan then they can get a phone. If they get phones I would pay for this. I was sold on the gps tracking.

  2. Oh I love these! The GPS is so cool and I love how you can monitor! Will keep this in mind for Carter in a few years!

  3. Jade currently has a minute phone and can only dial out. As soon as the minutes run out, we are going to try this phone out. Thx


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