10 Free Children’s Kindle eBooks April 30, 2014

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, I was excited to see a Mother’s Day children’s book available for free for the Kindle today.   

eBooks don’t have to be expensive – they can be free! Everyday Amazon offers a selection of Kindle books for free for both adults and children. Even if you don’t have a Kindle, you can still read these free books. Just download the free reading app and you can read from any smartphone, computer or tablet.

I am surprised by how many children’s e-books we can get for free on theKindle, so each day I am going to share a new list of 10 free ebooks for kids!

Free Kids Kindle Books April 30

  1. Adventures of Jack: The Agent With a Bone to Pick (Jack Russell Adventure Series)
  2. Children’s Book: The Goodnight Book (A bedtime rhyming book for toddlers and children)
  3. If I Were in the Circus…: A rhyming picture book for children ages 0-6
  4. All My Relatives Are Big Cats: Picture Book for Kids about Lions, Tigers, leopards, Jaguars and other Big Cats (Kids Learning: Amazing Animals Books for Kids 4-8)
  5. Mother’s Day children’s book:Mommy Really Loves Me: How to deal with a child’s misinterpretation of their mother’s love?
  6. Diesel the Shelter Pup: A True Story About The Adoption Of A Shelter Puppy
  7. Alphabet Family Wedding (Adventures of the Alphabet Family )
  8. Children’s Book: The Magical Dragon’s Three Gifts
  9. Children’s Books: Andy and the Angry Dragon (A Children’s Bedtime Picture Book for Ages 2-8)
  10. I Love to Eat Fruits and Vegetables (Kids Book for ages 3-7)

***Bonus*** For those hot days coming here’s an idea to help you cool off, Homemade Popsicle Recipes: 50 treats for kids (Cooking with Kids Series).

Sometimes these books are only free for the day, sometimes the freebie lasts for a few days. You can check out previous lists of free books to see if any are still free. 

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Please note, Amazon can change the price at any moment. So be sure to check the price before you buy.

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