10 Free Children’s Kindle eBooks April 24, 2014

Some days there are tons of free Kindle books for kids available, some days there are barely 10. Today was one of those days when there were tons. I try to get a good mix of young kids and older kids, but I have young kids so that is where I gravitate. If anyone is really looking for older chapter books, let me know and I will make sure I incorporate more.

That’s why today I included a bonus free kids Kindle book – Everyday is Earth Day – Science,Technology, Engineering and Math (Ages 3 – 8)Check it out and together we can help teach our kids to respect the planet all year long.

eBooks don’t have to be expensive – they can be free! Everyday Amazon offers a selection of Kindle books for free for both adults and children. Even if you don’t have a Kindle, you can still read these free books. Just download the free reading app and you can read from any smartphone, computer or tablet.

I am surprised by how many children’s e-books we can get for free on theKindle, so each day I am going to share a new list of 10 free ebooks for kids

Free Kids Kindle Books April 24

  1. Planets! A Book About Planets For Kids: Fun Facts & Beautiful Pictures
  2. 101 Facts… Cats! Cat Books for Kids – Amazing Facts, Photos & Video Links. (101 Animal Facts)
  3. Lola The Mermaid and The Splish Splash Olympics. A Beautiful Kid’s Picture Book. (Fun Rhyming Children’s Books)
  4. Children’s book: Flipper and the Mermaid (Happy bedtime stories children’s books collection)
  5. Children’s eBook: Karen’s Colorful Trip (bedtime stories collection) (Great Book For Kids) (Children’s Books Collection)
  7. THE JOY OF NOTHING (HUGO THE HAPPY STARFISH – Educational Children’s Book Collection – English Edition featuring introductory Spanish Vocabulary)
  8. Children’s book ” Amanda’s Dream” , Motivational book for kids, ages 5-12: Winning and Success Skills Children’s Books Collection, eBook1
  9. “Who’s Under The Bed?” Bedtime Storybook For Children Ages 3-5 (Bedtime Books For Toddlers & Children Level 1 and 2 Reading Books)
  10. Escape From The Forbidden Planet (Adventures of Caramel Cardamom)

Sometimes these books are only free for the day, sometimes the freebie lasts for a few days. You can check out previous lists of free books to see if any are still free. 

More daily deals on Kindle books.

Please note, Amazon can change the price at any moment. So be sure to check the price before you buy. 

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