Easy DIY Easter Egg Canvas + Template

I have a fondness for canvases – photos, quotes, art – I think everything looks better on a canvas. And my home is decorated with a number of canvases, both seasonal and year round. But until my easter egg canvas, I had have never made my own.

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of FrogTape Brand Painter’s Tape.

Somehow staring at the literal blank canvas always overwhelmed me. I even bought a canvas once to make something and returned it. But that is silly, and now that I have created my own Easter canvas I will not be afraid to make more! 

DIY Easter Canvas Tutorial Template
Using a template, this craft was so easy. I did have to let it dry for sometime in between steps, so it wasn’t quick. But I just left everything set up and came back to it as each step dried. 

In the end, I just love the way it turned out. It makes a cheerful addition to the Easter decorations in the playroom. 

How to Make Your Own Easter Egg Canvas

Since there is no such thing as freehand when I create art, I relied on Frog Tape® to help me create a template that was easy and worked perfectly. 


  • Blank Canvas
  • Frog Tape® 
  • Puffy Paint
  • Sponge Pouncers
  • Parchment Paper
  • Scrapbook Paper

Frog Tape Craft Project
Step one: Download and print the egg template. Cut out the egg shape. Then layer a large piece of scrapbook paper, the egg shape and a piece of parchment paper. 

Frog Tape Craft Template

Step two: Cover the egg with strips of Frog Tape®. 

Frog Tape Craft Template

Step three: Cut out the egg shape. 

Frog Tape Craft Template

Step four: Carefully remove Frog Tape® from parchment paper and scrapbook paper and place template on canvas. Hint, I found it easies to work left to right, sticking the tape to my work surface as I removed the left side. 

Note – I used Frog Tape® Delicate Surface, next time I do this I will use normal Frog Tape® for this step and switch to Delicate Surface for the next step.

Frog Tape Craft Template

Step five: Using the Sponge Pouncer dab paint inside the egg shape to create your Easter Egg. Remove tape to reveal your perfect egg.

Frog Tape Craft Template

Step six: After your egg dries (a couple of hours to be safe), use Frog Tape® to mask off a wide line on your egg. Then fill in area by dabbing on another color of paint.

Frog Tape Craft Template

Step seven: Allow your stripe to dry, and then mask off another thinner stripe and dab on paint.

Note, I did not allow my paint to dry between steps because I was inpatient. So I formed a skinny piece of tape, and then smudged the whole thing with the back of my hand. Don’t do that! Let it dry.

Frog Tape Craft Template

Step eight: Once everything is dry, use the puffy paint to squirt polka dots directly onto the canvas.

Easter Egg Canvas

Step nine: Allow to dry and admire.

Thanks to Frog Tape®, I am no longer afraid of a blank canvas. I plan to use this same method to make more seasonal canvases!

DIY Easter Egg Canvas

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  1. Cute!!! I’m kind of sick at the sight of Frog Tape right now as we just got done painting the living room, kitchen and both kids rooms… more to go! Very cute DIY though and easy!


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