Dollarweed And Clover Begone!

When it comes to our lawn, we are pretty low maintenance. Early on I had grand ideas of a fancy garden of colorful flowers, but I soon realized often the hard way that flowers are not to be — thanks to our resident deer friends. Munch, munch. So it is hearty green shrubs and a sprawling lawn of green grass.

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Scotts Turf Builder.

Before we owned our home, I used to look at beautiful lawns and think that the green grass came naturally. After all, this is Florida — green grass just grows, right? Well, sort of. The truth is that the grass does grow, but the weeds grow faster. And keeping a lawn green, I mean really green, takes a lot of care. Sigh.

My nemesis is dollarweed and its pal clover is a close second. One small patch can quickly overtake a giant portion of our lawn, and a lot of weed killers also kill grass.

Back in February, I snapped a couple of pictures of my problem areas.

This patch of dollarweed was about two feet by two feet.

Dollarweed Florida Grass

And this patch of clover was huge, it was about 4 feet wide down the entire length of our porch (10 feet).

Florida Clover Grass

One application of Scotts Turf Builder, Bonus S, and several weeks later this is what the same area looks like:


The clover is no more. (Note, my lawn crew created that strip around the screen enclosure to be grass free so they don’t edge a hole in my screen. I am not a fan, but what can I do?

I can’t remember exactly where the dollarweed patch was, but it was in this general area. I can’t find it because it is 100% gone. Yeay!

Florida Green Grass St Augustine

My lawn is spring green and ready for many days of play with no weeds in sight.

Florida Grass

I am pleased with my yard, but these guys are really excited about Scotts Turf Builder.

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