Personalized Video eCards From American Greetings – Thoughtful & Funny!

I don’t know about you, but my inbox is filled with junk email. Junk email and a mile-long list of things I need to do. So when something an email arrives that is meant only to make me smile — well, that just makes my day. And if said email can also make me laugh – that’s the icing on the cake. 

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of eCards from American Greetings.

Because everyone appreciates a good laugh, American Greetings has stepped up its eCard game adding personalized sound to its eCards to make them extra awesome.

Personalized Video eCard

With customizable lyrics, your recipient will be impressed when a Mariachi sings a birthday song that includes their name and other details about them (I know I was impressed). Each video eCard has four customizable lyrics, which vary by eCard but include things like the recipient’s name, age, hobby, favorite food, sender’s name, etc.

It is really cool technology that you have to see for yourself. So take a moment right now to preview a video eCard with your custom lyrics, it will literally take less than two minutes to set up and watch it. Go on, get a good laugh!

American Greetings Personalized Video Card

Personalized Talking eCard

In addition to the video eCards (and the normal eCards), I also really like the personalized talking cards. You can make these silly cards say anything you want in a variety of voices with different accents — or you can even record your own voice!

These cards are mostly silly animals, so it is especially funny to see an animal talking with a British accent or a child’s voice.

American Greentings Talking eCard


American Greetings eCards are available by membership. You can get a seven-day trial membership for free, and it is totally worth trying so you can send a video card at least once. Seriously cute.  about American Greetings membership benefits.

After the seven-day membership, there are three plan options – two years for $29.99, one year for $19.99 or monthly for $3.99.

What I like best about the cards is that you can schedule them in advance. I found a card that was perfect for my dad, who’s Birthday is in the fall, so I went ahead and set it all up now to be delivered on his birthday. How is that for organized? You can set up all of your birthdays at one time and then cards will automatically be delivered — making you look like you are totally on top of things at all times!

American Greetings eCards allow you to connect with your loved ones instantly and can be sent via email, to a cell phone or even to Facebook. Plus, you can even attach a gift card to the eCard so you wrap up all of your shopping with a few clicks.

Which eCard will you send to your friends/family?

17 thoughts on “Personalized Video eCards From American Greetings – Thoughtful & Funny!”

  1. I know a little princess who would love that dog card. I send eCards all the time and like the option of sending a singing card.

  2. Oh my gosh, some of those are soooo funny! I love getting these, so it stands to reason so do others and my sending more would surely make some people happy 🙂

  3. These are so cute! I actually made the princess bull dog card for my daughter for her recent birthday! She is only 6 but she thought it was the best card ever.

  4. The silly animals are the best and it would definitely be better to send one of these on an occasion than to simply post a comment on facebook because that is something that everybody does.

  5. I actually discovered American greeting cards when I was in high school, which wasn’t so long ago lol, but I loved them then, haven’t sent any in a while. So now is a great time to start back!


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