Finding Laughter In Old Home Movies With YesVideo

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When was the last time you had a really good laugh? I mean a belly laugh, where your sides and cheeks hurt from laughing so hard.

For me, it was the first time I watch the home videos I transferred with YesVideo. And I laughed for a solid 15 minutes, sharing that laughter with my husband. It was unexpected and wonderful. 

No, I wasn’t laughing over our late-’80s fashion choices, although they were equally comical, we were laughing about how more than 25 years later my family is still exactly the same. Exactly.

We are a family of photographers. My grandfather had a great passion for photography that he passed down to my mother and she to me. And the most important photos to our family are those that capture family gatherings — especially the group photo. And after decades of practice, capturing the group photo is the same exact procedure — every time.

Family Photo

The video that had me in stitches was a 15-minute segment of my mom and uncle trying to capture that elusive group photo at a family gathering. Someone, probably dad, set the camcorder (remember those) on a tripod and let it run.

During the span of the video you see the scene play out like it always does:

  • Everyone gathering for the picture
  • Mom ushering people into position
  • People rearranging themselves
  • Mom and my uncle running from behind another tripod to slip into place
  • Mom resetting to take several more shots (in case people blinked)
  • Everyone giving mom a hard time
  • Kids squirming and leaving their position
  • Finally, mom announcing she got it and everyone abandoning their positions

It is the same scene I have participated in hundreds of times. And yet, to watch it unfold on the screen from 25+ years earlier — I couldn’t stop laughing. Even the phrases were the same. And apparently grandma blinked for every group shot even back then! 

Someday I need to comb through mom’s pictures and find the actual photo that goes with this video, just for fun. From the video it looks like she probably got a good shot since I was able to capture a still with everyone looking at the camera. Either way, it sure was good to laugh.

Do you have old home videos locked away on VHS or Beta? Wouldn’t you like to laugh like a kid again reliving your family’s funny moments? Relive those moments, have your old formats converted to digital/DVD and take a trip down memory lane with YesVideo.

18 thoughts on “Finding Laughter In Old Home Movies With YesVideo”

  1. I need to take more videos, somehow I just don’t take as many as I should and I know I’m just going to regret it.

  2. As a kid, we always loved watching old family videos. Now I try to take many of our kids. Yes, we have a number of VHS videos too.

  3. We have old family films that my dad took on vacations. He always seemed to get his thumb on the lens and we all laughed about it when we watched them.

  4. I am horrible about taking videos and I would like to relive moments, but can’t… 🙁 I hate missing these moments!!

  5. We have a few home videos on VHS, honestly, I can’t remember what is on them, it would be nice to see though 🙂

  6. Nope- Grew up long before Video cameras were readily available. I do have a few funny photos; there’s a picture of my aunt at age 12, she is standing at attention, trying to “behave properly”: Only problem is, picture was taken in front of the family horse barn….and one of her braids is getting chewed off by one of the horses.

  7. Oh I love these great old video–People that are gone now like grandma, and grandpa, I miss them so bad. Sometimes I laugh so hard at these oldies but goodies it makes me cry—I love taking videos and now it is so much easier– the crazy clothes, and the weird bowl haircuts , because my mother had to have us as neat as possible — we all look so dorky–lol– Thanks for the memories– I think Sunday will be an old movie day again with root beer and pie –lol


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