Reading Eggs: Online Skills Lessons Ages 3-13 Review ~ iPad Mini Giveaway

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Reading Eggs.

I am so proud of my little Kindergartener. It seems like just last week she was struggling to grasp her first sight words, and now she has mastered nearly the entire list of 100+ words (th and wh words are her nemesis) and is able to read most grade level books with little or no assistance. As a late reader myself, I am impressed by her daily. 

While I have always been very active in teaching her at home (in addition to what she learns in school), the struggle for me has always been finding the right level. Too hard, and she gets mad and gives up. Too easy, and I am not teaching her anything. I can’t tell you how many workbooks I have bought that have been too hard, so we put away until later — only to find that later comes when it is too easy. I am not a teacher, so that balance is hard for me to find.

That is why I am obsessed with Reading Eggs, and why I think every parent with an early reader (ages 3-13) should give the 5-week free trial a shot – today! (Seriously, go check it out!)

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Like most kids her age, K loves the computer. Her favorite site is Disney Junior, but she also plays on a few educational sites recommended by her teacher. The problem I find when I watch her play is that she likes to do the same “games” over and over again. Regardless of how easy they are, she likes what she likes. So while she is playing educational games, I see her repeating the same lessons and not challenging herself. 

Reading Eggs is different because it forces her to play games that are at her level — at HER level. Not just her grade level or the average level, it tests her and places her at her level. That is why this mom thinks it is so perfect. 

The first time we sat down to play it offered the opportunity to take a 60-question test. The “test” questions get progressively harder, and once three questions are missed the test stops and your child’s skill level is determined. (I love that the test doesn’t continue past the child’s level because I know how discouraging that would be to my daughter.)

Reading Eggs Computer

As I watched her breeze through the first half of questions, I wondered if she was beyond Reading Eggs entirely. (It starts very basic with letter sounds.) But as questions became more difficult I could see her reaching her level (it was kind of cool to watch). 

The first question she missed, I think by mistake because I know she knew that answer — she was getting too comfortable and rushing. But the next two that she missed were definitely beyond her. 

She ended up placing at level 8 of 12. Which meant she could start with games and activities that were just right for her. 

Once your child is placed, each game builds on the last and the next game is locked until they finish the game before it. Again, a great way to keep my daughter motivated working toward harder games. She wants to see what’s next, so she doesn’t play the same ones over and over.

Within each level there are 10 reading lessons (for a total of 120 lessons), and within each lesson, several games. All of which can be tracked by mom and dad on a dashboard that displays her current skills. (Note she has only been tested on 70 sight words at her current level.)

Reading Eggs Review Skill Level

In addition to the main lessons, there is also a spelling skills bank (also with a beginning test to determine skill level), an area to read books, an area to write stories, another area with skills tests and more. If I had to make one complaint, it is that there is so much content it is almost dizzying. But then again, as she tests out of the early content there is a lot she can move on to. 

Plus for playing games and passing lessons the student earns eggs, which can be redeemed in a virtual store and be added to a virtual world. 

And we haven’t even started looking into the math program yet. (She loves math!) And there is an entirely different level for older readers (ages 7-13) too.

Reading Eggs Mathseeds Eggspress

Free Five-Week Trail of Reading Eggs

I mentioned the free five-week trail before, but it is so awesome I am going to mention it again. The free trial does not require a credit card to start, so there is no obligation to continue. As a mom who is trying to build on what my daughter learns in school, I think this program is totally worth giving the test drive to see for yourself. 

If you do sign your child up it is $49.95 for six months or $69.99 for a year.

Reading Eggs Free 5 Week Trial

The Reading Eggs Read-To-Cure Challenge

In addition to using the Reading Eggs program to encourage your child’s reading, from February 3 to March 7 your child can join thousands of children across the U.S. taking part in the Reading Eggs Read-To-Cure Challenge – an effort to inspire children to read while raising funds for The National Children’s Cancer Society (NCCS). The goal is to raise $25,000, plus Reading Eggs will match every donation made up to this amount.

Children sign up for a free five-week trial of Reading Eggs. During the challenge, students are encouraged to complete as many books and Reading Eggs lessons as they can. Friends and family can sponsor their reading efforts, with all money raised going to the NCCS. 

Reading Eggs Read To Cure

What’s more, there are great prizes up for grabs for the top 3 children who read the most books and the top 3 children who raise the most funds!

Learn more about the Read-To-Cure Challenge on

iPad Mini Giveaway

If signing up for the free five-week trail to see how Reading Eggs can help your student isn’t enough motivation, everyone who signs a child up for the free trial is eligible to enter a giveaway for an iPad mini! Enter the giveaway below.

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Reading Eggs.

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  1. I keep hearing so much about the Reading Eggs! I’ve decided I’m going to try it with Kennedy, or at least send her back home with them when her mom gets back from deployment. She’s at the age where she’s keen to learn the letters on the page, so reading can’t be too far behind!

  2. Oh my goodness! I love this!!! I have a 1+ year old and I we constantly try to teach her new things!! I love watching that process in my sweet baby girl! So this will be awesome when she gets cloes to 3. What a great product! Can’t wait to try it!!!

  3. Oh my goodness! I love this!!! I have a 1+ year old and I we constantly try to teach her new things!! I love watching that process in my sweet baby girl! So this will be awesome when she gets cloes to 3. What a great product! Want to try it!!!

  4. I’m not sure how this has happened, but this is the first time I’ve heard of Reading Eggs. My son will be 3 in May and is already wanting to read. I’ll wait a few more months and then will definitely be trying the 5 week trial. I’m so impressed with the fact that it places the child at their level. i work with him but am not always sure where to go next so this would help so much with that!

  5. Since kids today are so interested in computers and etc. I think this looks like a good program to get them interested in reading. There’s just too much video game playing these days so anything to get them to read is a good thing.

  6. This should be great to encourage children to read. When our daughter was young she enjoyed the challenge of reading the number of books set by her teachers.

  7. I really like the assessment at the beginning that determines what level the child should being. I think it’s great that they can play games and activities that are challenging, but not too difficult.


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