What Makes Your Dog Go Crazy?

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There’s a dinner-time routine in our house. First we all eat dinner, and then while our daughters are still eating (because that takes forever) my husband gets up to feed the dogs. By the time he gets the food out of the pantry the chirping has begun. 

Our Yorkies are as cute as can be, but when it comes to dinner time Bear sounds like a cross between a bird and an Ewok. Chitter, chitter chirp. It is the oddest sound, it is uniquely Bear. 

And that’s on a normal night. 

Alpo Happy Starts Here

When we serve Alpo wet dog food on top of her meal, the wiggling, the chirping and the pawing goes into overdrive. It is actually quite comical (but dinner guests are often unsure what to make of her noises). Even Bella starts getting into action, winning and pawing at my husband’s ankles. 

What makes my dogs go crazy — dinner time!

When I watched Alpo’s new focus group video, all I could think about was my Bear. If those dogs think Flint wiggles, they should see my Bear. I wonder what the focus group would have to say about Bear?


The video about Flint and the doggy focus group is just one of a series of videos. Alpo says, “Think that’s funny? See what else our focus group has to say about our favorite blogger dogs.”

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  1. Whenever there is an animal on TV my Dixie (basenji/corgi mix) puts her face right at the screen & barks her head off. She actually watches TV!


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